DIY Home Projects: Painting the House - Summer 2013 - My personal house painter!

I posted back in May that we were about to embark on painting our home for the first time in decades (read: Painting Aluminum Siding: Will Our Marriage Survive?) and when I say “we,” I mean my husband. I wanted to follow up and let you know that he completed the project and we love it!

DIY Home Projects: House Painting – Color Issues

You may remember that we had some issues with color. First on whether or not to change the base color from tan to something we’d actually like. We considered it for about 2 minutes until we realized that changing it meant getting it approved by our HOA and secondly, it’s much easier to paint the same color and much more forgiving of missed areas.

Since getting approval could take weeks and we’re lazy painters, we went with staying the same ugly tan that nearly every house in our housing development is painted (yea 1970’s house builders). But when it came to a trim color I put my foot down. I’ve hated that Krylite Green since the day the hubby brought it home 25 years ago so it was definitely going.

That’s when I made color mistake number two (read: DIY Projects: House Painting Color Choices Fail). When the colors were applied to the house they looked horrendous and for a few moments I honestly was about to tell my husband just to keep that dreaded green.. Then I came to my senses and made him wait while I tried one more thing.

DIY Home Projects: Virtual House Painting

I found a site online to virtually paint my house (read: Virtual House Painter – Trying On Paint Colors). It took me only a few minutes to “paint” our house several different color combinations which helped my husband visual my strong color choice – black! He said to go for it so we bought the paint and never looked back.

DIY Home Projects: House Painting - Before and After Photos

DIY Home Projects: Finishing Up

While he brushed and rolled the entire house, he did get a little help from a paint sprayer for the shutters (read: Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer – Painting Made Easy). He should have switched to it sooner, but he assumed it would make his work harder and not easier. He was wrong.

So the house is done, the paint spills of which there were many cleaned up, and the bushes which were cut back within an inch of their lives have started growing again. I can’t tell you how fabulous the house looks close up, but I can tell you it looks like a new house.

Need help on your own project? Here’s a great place for help: 15 easy home painting rules to get professional results. Good luck!

DIY Home Projects: Our Next Task

Next it’s time to tackle the deck (that is if the weather holds out long enough here in Seattle). The deck has been stained many times over the last 25 years, but it’s in dire need right now. Stain never lasts more than one season on it so this time we’re considering Behr DeckOver paint, but the cost is insane (not per gallon so much as per estimate coverage). We’re hoping for a sale or rebate to make it more affordable.

So final cost of painting? About three thousand dollars in paint, supplies, and two ladders tall enough to reach the top of the backside which is 2-1/2 stories tall. But the labor was free thanks to my amazing hubby.

So what’d you do this summer?