My Color Inspiration

I’ve finally decided on the color direction to take my living room and dining room in. I have a small home where they’re 2-in-1 so when I choose a color, it has to be one that can work in both spaces. I’ve been playing with several color choices, including my favorite, purple. But in the end, it was a simple throw in a blend of teal, lime, and purple, that made the decision for me.

Before I share more about why I chose this palette, here are the other palettes I pondered – the gray sofa, white dining room table, dark gray upholstered dining chairs, and a similar white bookcases are pieces I already own:

One Sofa, So Many Color Choices

2013 Color Trends for the Home

The main reason I went with the blue and green (though I call it teal and lime) color scheme, beyond the fact that it’s number 1 on the 2013 color trends for the home list,  is that I want to get away from the more traditional harvest colors which I’ve had for many years. In fact, I still have a few gold walls that need to be repainted to the gray that I changed the burgundy accent walls to about 3 months ago (see the new color here). Now that the rain is back in Seattle, our exterior house painting is nearly finished, so we’ll have time to take up where we left off inside.

The accent wall will stay the new deeper gray, but the other walls will be about four shades lighter. My whole goal is to lighten the living room to help make it through the dark and dreary Seattle fall, winter, and spring.

That’s not to say that sometime in the near future I won’t go purple, or that I won’t add some purple and lime accents, but for now I’m definitely going blue green. I can’t tell you how much using Polyvore has made the online shopping process easier. It let me try everything together virtually to hopefully avoid costly mistakes.

I’ve ordered everything in the chosen scheme and when it arrives in 7-10 days I’ll take a photo and show you how I did. I made sure to purchase two of the throws since my entire design is based around it and because my sweet husband is notorious for ruining fabric; plus it gives me an extra in case I want to throw it over the table like a tablecloth or cover a pillow with it. But I’m likely going to crochet a patterned pillow for the couch to finish it off.

Here’s hoping my husband doesn’t make these pillows disappear like all of their predecessors – I didn’t want to invest too much in them since their fate is likely the garage in the decorator throw pillow graveyard. Men. Is mine the only one that likes his world pillow-free?

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