Blogging Virtual Scrapbook - where I've been, who I've been with, what I did and more via Facebook check-in and FB map

So much of blogging is done alone. It’s not easy working from home with the lack of peers, conversation, and the sheer routine of an office. Sure, there are some perks like working in your PJs, having pups as your coworkers, and a full kitchen at your disposal at all times. But it can be very, very lonely.

Blogging – My Virtual Scrapbook Map

I’m so fortunate that I’ve gotten to do quite a bit of travelling because of my work. I didn’t really realize how much until I stumbled upon a map on Facebook that had all of my check-ins posted to it. (Here’s my map – for yours, substitute your user name)

Let’s just say when I saw how much of the US I covered this year I said, “Wow!” In fact,  I’m not good about checking in, so I was truly stunned that I had so many points noted. That really made me take a moment to appreciate it and while I grumble while I’m on press trips about the pace and amount of work, I have to say that I’m sitting here all alone on a gray day feeling a little blue and looking back at this calendar reminds me of just how much I’ve been able to see and do.

All I have do do is click on any point on the map to see what I wrote that day or what picture I added to the check in. You can bet that from now on I’ll be much more diligent about being sure every point of interest is noted because who knows what long, cold winter the memories might get me through. I guess it’s a virtual scrapbook of memories of where I’ve been and who I’ve been with. Yes, I suppose I’m giving up some of my online privacy, but really, is there such a thing any more? Plus, when I travel my home is secured by an alarm system, a pair of dogs, and an armed adult son (or hubby).

My blogging virtual scrapbook

Thank You!

So I just want to say I’m thankful to all of you who read my blog because without you and your influence, I wouldn’t get the amazing opportunities that I do, and I hope you enjoy coming along with me. Because I truly do try to make you a part of the experience.

Thank you.