I’ve been looking at television and monitor screens for most of my life, either watching movies or playing games, and I’m not alone. You really can’t turn a shopping corner without finding products tailored made for gamers, or people that spend considerable amounts of time on devices such as tablets, smartphones, PC’s and other electronic devices.  So when I first heard and read about Gunnar Optiks  and the new eyewear they were making it called to me, but always the skeptic on new products, I wasn’t buying it.

Gunnar Optiks Eyewear - Advanced Computer Eyewear

I have the stereotypical computer setup, big computer case, lots of speakers, and dual 27″ monitors, and my face just 2 feet away from them.  When I bought these new monitors I never expected them to be so powerful. At close proximity, the brightness they give out was massive and it wasn’t long before I was finding myself being forced to take frequent breaks, need to wash my eyes, or just completely stop using my computer.  Unfortunately, it was affecting me at work as well.

Eye fatigue has a tendency to accumulate, so working 8 hours on the job and then going home and doing an all-nighter was really taking a toll on me for days after. The more often I did it, the more fatigued my eyes were and since I am not getting any younger, I decided to make sure I was able to continue my regular routine so I invested in a pair of Gunnar glasses. I figured they would be great for work, this way I would be making sure my performance at work doesn’t take a hit, and I could continue my late nights at home on my computer.

I noticed the difference immediately once I started wearing my Gunnar Optiks glasses, not only was my eye fatigue considerably less, but I no longer found myself scratching my eyes, or changing my angle of vision to decrease the intensity of looking straight at the monitors.  Personally I have never worn glasses, I’ve never had a need for them.  But spending all those years in front of a TV and computer screen has taken its toll and getting these glasses was one of the smartest buys I have made in a while.

Gunnar Optiks Glasses – My experience

The glasses are light and flexible, but yet very sturdy. The frames are thin so they don’t cause heavy marking on my nose like many regular glasses do.  Having a flexible frame also means they don’t stick to my temples and they adjust to the individual contour my head.  I’m completely surprised at how much I enjoyed having them on.

The renewed sense that I could continue to work and relax my computer comfortably for extended periods thanks to my Gunnar Advance Computer Eyewear was so positive that I purchased a second pair a few months after the first. Now I have a pair dedicated for work and one home.

Gunnar Optiks – Advanced Computer Eyewear

Gunnar carries a wide variety of designs and models on their website and although they can be a bit pricy, when you think about it can you really put a price on your eyesight? People spend hundreds of dollars on prescription glasses, and contacts, just so that they can do the things they want to do without any problems, the same thing applies here.

As I mentioned before this is one purchase I am glad I did.  You can always get coupons and discounts directly from the Gunnar Optiks or you can find other sites like [amazon_link id=”B001DUQU0A” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon.com[/amazon_link] that carry them, you can maybe even get lucky and get them on a discount. One of the pair I got I bought from www.woot.com at a half the price.

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About Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Optiks has glasses for anyone and everyone, from standard computer eyewear, to gaming eyewear for those that spend those extra hours playing games.  You can even get prescription eyewear if you so need it.  Extended play time with cool style glasses, nice prices, and a great product, that’s what Gunnar glasses have given me. The models I particularly bought and found to be extremely comfortable were the [amazon_link id=”B004WZ6U26″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Paralex [/amazon_link]and the[amazon_link id=”B001DUSXVE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Edge[/amazon_link], but those are my favorite designs.  You will have plenty to choose from yourself.

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