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Super Buddies Rosebud Actor

If you thought child actors had a short career span, then consider the career of a Super Buddy. By comparison child actors are able to work eons compared the mere four weeks these pups have before they’re retired and sent to their forever homes. Those four weeks are divided between training and on camera time with the first two weeks spent at doggy boot camp. It’s during boot camp that they learn skills that last them a lifetime. These 10-week old pup’s can sit, be still, and more which is a benefit to their new owners.

I learned this and more during a meet and greet opportunity with the star of the film, Rosebud. But on this occasion the female lead was played by a male dog named Cooper. In fact, Rosebud is played by many dogs, as many as 6, during the 2- to 3-month filming period.

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Super Buddies Blogger Photo Op

Dog trainer, Ray Beal, likes to get his pups at 8 weeks of age and then sends them through his 2-week puppy boot camp which prepares them for their time in front of the cameras. Why so quick? They outgrow the costumes and the character. Continuity is everything in filming, but pups in that age range grow quickly. The pup you start filming with would be noticeable older and larger at the end of the film making filming out of sequence or retakes impossible.

With six main pup characters, that means Beal and his team have to train upwards of 30 dogs to use during filming. But where does he get that many dogs? Quite often from breeders who loan them to the production team before they’re sold to families. Or from families directly, but they’re not told what the purpose is. Beal doesn’t want someone adopting a dog just because he/she has been in a Disney movie. He wants them adopted into loving home where they’ll become a part of the family.

Beal’s love for the dog was evident during the time we watched him handle Cooper. I’m really happy to  learn that this dog, like all of the others in the franchise, are taken care of in a responsible way.

Disney’s Super Buddies Movie Review

Super Buddies on Blu-Ray and DVDUnfortunately the film arrived while I was out of town and I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. But for those of you already familiar with the Super Buddies movies you know that they feature the antics of Rosebud, Budderball, Mudbug, B-Dawg, and Buddha and this one is no different. In their new film, they discover mysterious rings which  bestow a superpower to each one.

Disney’s Super Buddies will be available on home video tomorrow, August 27th, 2013, on a Blu-ray Combo Pack as well as DVD.

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