I received a small gift to thank me for participating in the Diet Coke campaign. All opinions are my own.

How do you enjoy your Diet Coke?  #MyDietCoke #DietCokeTime Ad

I’ll admit it. I have a Diet Coke addiction. It’s my ONE nutritional vice and one I’ve tried to quit many times, but I enjoy it so much I always go back.

I still sometimes choose my diet cola based on what’s on sale because well, I’m cheap. But if I choose by taste, I choose Diet Coke every time. Luckily, I can find it everywhere. For example, I just came home from Universal Studios Orlando and they solely serve Coke products. I asked one of the servers why and she said the service they offer is outstanding. I love that.

I also recently attended a red carpet premiere for Disney’s PLANES and at the pre-party carnival-style event Coke coolers were filled with ice and silver and red bottle shaped cans of Coke products. They were really cute!  In fact, did you know that Diet Coke was the first diet soda served to astronauts! It was! It happened in 1995.

Diet Coke – My Drink of Choice

Diet Coke is sweetened with aspartame. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll be learning more soon about it and their claim that it is “the world’s leading and most researched no calorie sweetener.” I’ll share what I learn here.

I’m never going to tell you any soda is good for you, especially sugar-free. It’s not. But I’m an adult and I love fizzy drinks and I prefer the taste of sugar-free. It’s not for everyone and I’m completely against kids having it, but it’s one of those foods I enjoy and choose to have as part of my diet. I am working on reducing the volume that I drink because I believe moderation is key and I fail when it comes to moderating my intake. But I’m going to enjoy my one little vice….over ice or straight from the can.

So I’m curious, how would you answer the question, “Diet Coke is best enjoyed out…..?”