I was provide a discounted stay by Universal Studios Orlando in order to participate in Family Forward; all opinions are my own.

Universal Studios Florida

True to Florida weather, this morning the sun was shining and now it’s raining with thunder and lightening. I’m in my hotel room at the Lowes Royal Pacific and my mom is stuck at the park as the boats don’t run during inclement weather and her artificial knees can’t make the 15 minute walk back. I thought I’d take advantage of this unforeseen working time to tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing for the last few days.

If you’ve been watching my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feed you know I’ve been having an amazing time at Universal Studios in Florida. I’ll be doing more posts soon about my time here, though it’s not a requirement of attending, I’m just so full of joy I want to share it.

Here are some random photos from the last few days. So many more to come.

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Lowes Royal Pacific Hotel

Our hotel staff has been amazing. My mom even mentioned last night that no one here has ever said no to her. She’s fussy about her food and they’ve made every accommodation she’s asked, made the room up on our time schedule, and provided more support and services than we ever expected.

Universal Studios Orlando

The park was a huge and pleasant surprise. It was my first trip and I did no pre-planning because I was busy with press trips and my son’s wedding, so I literally walked  into the park without any knowledge of what I was about to see and I was blown away. I apologize to Universal Studios for ignoring them for the last 10 years. We’ve always chosen Disney because of the cleanliness and outstanding service – little did I know that Universal matches it. Still, Disney wins my heart with their characters, but there are still plenty here for me to love and probably even more so for my 25 & 27 year old sons.

It looks like the weather may be clearing soon – it’s our last night here and I’m hoping to get to the park. I’ve not ridden a single ride but I still had the best time. The muggy weather is just too much for my MS so next time I’m coming in December when I can really enjoy the parks. But for those of you who are able bodied, this week is a great time to come. It’s not too crazy crowded, the lines look reasonable, and the park is fully staffed.

Special thanks to Mom it Forward for making this possible and for Universal Studios Orlando for being so accommodating to an old lady with fake knees and an almost-as-old lady with Multiple Sclerosis.

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