Fabio Viviana Comfort Mats

I received a Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat By Fabio Viviani to facilitate this review about kitchen mats. All opinions are my own.

I spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink. Doing the dishes, prepping fruits and vegetables, and more. My sink is near  my stove so I spend most of my time within a 2-ft area.

As I get older, I find my back and knees can’t take standing on the hardwood floors long before they start complaining. I’ve tried several ways to prevent the pain –  by buying inexpensive kitchen mats which are supposed to provide padding and trying plastic clogs (you know that brand everyone says is so ugly) but neither of them worked for long.

The cheap kitchen mat lasted through a few weeks and then became permanently deflated. The shoes made me stumble a few times as their tread caught on the floor and worse, they made my feet sweat. Not a pleasant experience. So I tried wearing socks but it seemed silly to have to put on shoes to cook. Plus, I don’t move around much, I just want comfort in that one spot no matter what I have on my feet.

Kitchen Mats: Fabio Viviani’s Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat

That’s where the Fabio Viviani Comfort Mats mat comes in. Fabio is a celebrity chef who’s competed on several TV shows and he’s a restaurateur and cookbook author. If anyone knows what makes up a great kitchen anti-fatigue mat, it’s someone  who spends  an unusual amount of time there.

Fabio’s mats come in two styles – Toscana which is inspired by his Tuscany homeland and Mercato the central market of Florence. Both mats are attractive and come in two color choices (caramel and mocha), but the Toscana with its subtle floral pattern was my choice.

Fabio Viviani Comfort Mats by Smart Step Home

My Experience

My caramel Toscana mat arrived in a large flat box and I was excited to try it out. It’s an an attractive mat in a great size. I should say though  in my case that should be it WAS attractive. Two days after I received it my husband walked in glossy white exterior paint with his boots and proceeded to walk up the stairs, through the entryway, into the kitchen, and all over my new anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

The paint is coming up off of the floor with scraping, but the poor mat is porous so it’s permanent unless we use some strong chemicals on it which I worry will change the way the mat works; therefore, I’m leaving it the way it is – it’s kind of a funny conversation piece. But for those of you without a hubby who wears his enormous work boots in the house, and with a penchant for not knowing what he’s walked in, yours will look fabulous and wipe clean.

The colors and styles match most every home decor though I would personally have loved a grey options. Still, paint or not, I expect to get years of use out of the mat which is generously sized at 23″ x 20″ ( a larger 72″ x 20″ is availability for $199). Compared to the cheap anti-fatigue kitchen mat I picked up at the warehouse store, this one outshines it in the comfort department providing fabulous cushion for my feet which means less fatigue on my back and knees.

The mats retail for $99.95 and are proudly made in the USA. They can be purchased online at SmartStepHome.com

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