I received two roll-on Eau de Parfum scents made with natural essential oils from the Lavanila fragrance line to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil Vanilla Grapefruit - a truly NATURAL fragrance!  No harmful chemicals - natural essential oils ad I stopped wearing perfume and colognes a few years ago when I discovered how dangerous synthetic fragrances are to our bodies. I missed wearing my favorite scent, but I refused to keep dousing myself in chemicals which could be doing harm to my body.

Worse, when “natural” became popular, I purchased a fragrance that the sales clerk at a popular mall body store assured me was  all natural and contained nothing synthetic. Neither of us could read the ingredients listed on the box because they were minuscule – I should have known just from the length of ingredients I was in for trouble. When I got home and looked the fragrance up on their website which boasts handcrafted and natural everywhere. Evidently their idea of natural isn’t the same as mine because there was nothing natural about this “handmade” and “green” fragrance. It just goes to show you that legally those words mean nothing.

So I gave up because the few natural parfums I could find were way out of my price range. Then one day I got an email asking if I’d like to try Lavanila. I ignored the email because I didn’t have time to really check it out to be sure this company was telling the truth.Thankfully they emailed again and this time I really read the whole email and as I did I got excited. Seriously. Was it really possible I could start wearing fragrance again?

I checked out the Lavanila site, read their list of ingredients, and said yes. They sent me two scents to try. The first is Lavanila’s Vanilla Coconut Roller-Ball ($19 – exotic blend of young coconut, Tahitian tiare flower, and warm Madagascar vanilla) and the Forever Fragrance Oil Vanilla Grapefruit ($25 – Pink Grapefruit, fresh Cedarwood, and pure Madagascar vanilla bean in sweet almond oil).

Did I like them? I LOVED them. So much that I happened to see they had a limited edition Fresh Vanilla Lemon (Bright, juicy lemon blends with lush watery fruits, fresh bamboo and pure Madagascar vanilla) and I had to have it. The roll-on size was sold out on Lavinila.com but I located it on Sephora.com and it’s on its way to me and I couldn’t be more excited (sorry, it’s sold out there now as well – the larger Eau de Parfum and deodorant are still available at Lavinila.com).

Organic and Natural Essential Oils

Lavanila makes pure fragrances from organic and natural essential oils so there’s nothing artificial or fake. The scent is lush and long lasting. I’m not a huge coconut fan so I like, but don’t love, the scent but I’ll wearing it this summer. The vanilla and pink grapefruit is heady and heavy – a really nice fall and winter fragrance. I’m expecting the vanilla and lemon to be light and breezy and a spring and summer scent.

The roll on applicators are a perfect delivery system – roll it on your wrist, neck, etc. The fragrance’s base is almond oil so it’s blended into the skin easily and doesn’t rub off onto anything else.  The all-natural Eau de Parfum is completely free of petrochemicals, phthalates, and chemically laden alcohol but it is full of healthy doses of anti-oxidants and vitamin-rich botanicals from around the world and they only use organic and natural essential oils.

Roll-on fragrances are about $19 and appear to have months worth of fragrance in them. That’ a great deal! Plus the fragrances are vegan and never tested on animals. How could I not love a fragrance that’s as good for the earth as it is me!

Shop for healthy fragrance, organic body wash, all-natural body butter, and more natural and healthy products at Lavanila.com.

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