I received a Wagner FLEXiO 570 to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

When my wife told me I would be getting a paint sprayer from Wagner to try out, she was disappointed when I wasn’t excited. I’m in the middle of painting our house and she thought it’d make it easier. What she didn’t know is that we already own a paint sprayer and I chose not to use it because it splats paint out which requires me to shut down the sprayer, clean the nozzle, and then brush out the paint mess it creates. It happens so often that it’s just easier to skip the sprayer and use a brush and roller.

When the new sprayer arrived and she showed it to me, I told her then that I’d test it for the review, but I wouldn’t use it. It’s just too much work. She assured me that she’d read reviews online and none of them reported this problem. In fact, the reviews all said it did a fantastic job. But still, I humored her by first “practicing” on some cardboard. What I was really doing was testing out the quality.

Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer - fast and easy painting indoors or out with a slight learning curve.

I did have some problems with paint running out of the Wagner FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer at first, but I took a moment to recheck all my connections and found it wasn’t quite right. Once redone, the paint stopped running out. I was positive that I was right and this sprayer was no better than our old one, but after fixing it and using it, I have to say, I’m impressed.

The Wagner FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer did paint exactly like it was supposed to and after doing the cardboard trial I used to to paint our shutters. I’d already removed them to do some minor repair work on them and to paint the siding under them, so I strung them from some trees and sprayed them there. There was a bit of a learning curve as I figured out how much paint to put out and what direction to spray in, but once I got that down the painting time was minimum.

I was painting with black glossy exterior paint and loved the drip-less finish that I was able to get with the Wagner FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer. I only wish now I’d have used it on the siding instead of brush and roller. I prefer the finish so much I’m going to strip the door that I just painted black (glossy paint can’t be sanded easily) and repaint it with the sprayer. Seeing all the drips and brush marks in the door every day is driving me insane.

Wagner FLEXiO 570 - Prepping for painting

My wife read some cleaning tips online and while it does take about 45 minutes to clean it completely, it’s worth it. It takes nearly that long for brushes and you never really get all the paint off – with black that’s really important.

Exterior House Paint Spraying Tips

  • Remove debris and dirt – I used a pressure washer but brushed the dry surfaces with a brush just before painting to be sure they were as clean as possible.
  • Cut back any overgrown plants and cover them with a drop cloth.
  • Cover any area not being painted with plastic and tape in place (I’m a huge fan of pretaped poly)
  • Spray in smooth strokes following the grain – start the spray off the surface and sweep on to it. Keep the sprayer 8-10″ away from the surface and use light strokes. I used paint and primer in one but still did two very light coats on our shutters instead of one heavy coat.

Wagner FLEXiO 570 Video Tutor

We’ve got a lot of plans for the sprayer inside the house this winter. We have several closets that need to be repainted and with shelving this will be so much easier and faster with fewer drips and runs. We also have some furniture that we’ll be painting  and it’s time to repaint the kitchen cabinets. This time we’ll do the cabinet interiors which we skipped when we painted them originally – they’re dark brown which makes them extremely dark inside and so much harder to find things – but painting them with a roller and brush was just too much work.

So I have to thank my wife for this one and yes, I was wrong. Not all paint sprayers are the same. Some really work and the Wagner FLEXiO 570 paint sprayer is one of them.

About the Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer

The X-Boost turbine’s power is noticeable. It runs at 65,000 rpms and  that’s about  three times more powerful than our old sprayer which ran at 20,000 rpms and it’s noticeably lighter as well. About 20% lighter – this is important when you’re doing a big job to prevent fatigue. After using it for a few minutes adjusting the airflow, pattern, and thickness was easy. The iSpray nozzle has an oval-shaped opening so it covers a larger surface (about 30% more) and the spray is slightly stippled, almost like you’ve used a roller, but without the drips.

The cup holds a quart of a gallon which should cover up to 125 square feet, but of course that’s dependent on the thickness you’re putting on. The cup is interchangeable for quick color changes or if you’re changing finishes. Prepping for spray painting is the only labor intensive part of the process but once masked, spraying is quick and easy and the results are impressive and the sprayer is no louder than an hairdryer, however, I recommend ear protection for longer jobs.

FLEXiO Sprayer Product Information:

Cost $129: iSpray® Nozzle, a wide-mouth cup which holds 1/4 gallon, Covers up to 125 square feet per fill, X-Boost ®  Turbine with adjustable speed, 50% quieter and 20%  lighter

FLEXiO Sprayers by Wagner are available at home improvement stores and online. Visit wagnerflexio.com for more information on FLEXiO and other Wagner SprayTech products.

Also available in a FLEXiO 590 all-purpose indoor/outdoor paint sprayer with 9 speeds. Comes with sturdy storage case and second nozzle for fine-finishing.  ($149)