I received a Motorola MBP26 Video Monitor to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

Motorola MBP26 Video Monitor - adWhen my first son was born, he slept in our room for a few weeks before we moved him to his own bedroom — and I was so paranoid about it that I literally slept with an audio baby monitor in my hand, trying to listen for any signs of distress or danger. Now that baby #2 is here, I’ve loosened up a little bit but I’m still always curious as to what’s going on in there when I leave him for a nap or bedtime. I recently got to try out the Motorola BP26 video monitor and let me tell you, it’s now one of the greatest parenting tools I own.

Now, instead of just listening to muffled baby sounds, I can SEE what’s going on in there. It’s so much easier to gauge his awake status if I start hearing noises — just by peeking in on the monitor, I can tell if I need to just sneak in to replace a pacifier so he can go back to sleep or if it’s okay to barrel in there to grab a fully-awake infant. Sometimes I turn it on when he’s fast asleep just to watch his sweet little profile snoozing away. (Watching a sleeping baby is one of my favorite things to do.) The monitor also has night-vision capabilities so I can even check on him in the dark!

 Motorola BP26 video monitor  it's one of the greatest parenting tools I own.

Motorola MBP26 Video Monitor Features

The Motorola BP26 video baby monitor has a 2.4″ LCD color monitor with infrared night vision and an optical pan and tilt LED sound level indicators on the parent unit. It features two-way communication so you can talk to someone on the other end, and has a range of up to 520 feet. The parent unit is small and lightweight; it’s smaller than my cell phone and easy to carry around with me or plug in to charge.

My only complaints about the Motorola BP26 video baby monitor is that it has very short battery life — the parent unit dies after just a few hours if I’m carrying it around the house with me unplugged — and that the night vision only turns on when the camera senses low lighting, even though there are times of the day when the light in my baby’s room is too dim to see him on the screen but still bright enough to prevent the sensors from switching. I wish I could choose when to employ the night vision myself.

Other than that, I loved the Motorola BP26 video baby monitor! Easy to install and set up and so handy to have, especially with a new baby and it can be expanded up to 4 units so you can have them placed around the house or in another child’s room.  The wireless unit has a range of 520 feet (with an out-of-range warning) and is exclusively available on Amazon.com.

I can’t wait to spy on him as he gets more mobile and see all the little crib-side adventures that pop up.

Motorola MBP26 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor with 2.4″ Color LCD and Infrared Night Vision (Amazon.com Exclusive) $129.99