I was provided  Clip-in Hair Extensions to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

POP Clip-In hair extensions by HairUWear - Ad

I love adding fun colors to my hair, but I don’t always want to make a commitment to have a permanent color applied. Enter POP Clip-In hair extension by HairUWear. These clip in color strips are made from human hair and are available in a rainbow of colors.

The hair extension is 16″ long and 1″ wide  which is just the right size to really give hair a POP of color without dyeing.  Since POP clips are so affordable I can easily change my hair colors on a regular basis.

Adding the clip to your hair is very simple. There is a small metal barrette on the end of the hair piece that easily slides into your hair. Decide where you want the hair piece to be, part your hair and then clip the barrette along the hair line. Let your hair fall naturally over the clip and then style as needed. If the extension is too long for your hair style you can cut it to the length of your choice. The hair can be curled or straightened with styling tools to blend perfectly with your current hairstyle. I love how the POP hair extensions look and how comfortable they are to wear.

Ombre Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you are looking for something to add a bit more volume and an ombre look to your hairstyle then you’ll want to check out he Hairdo 16″ ombre extension by HairUWear. It is a great way to give you color, length and volume in just a few minutes. The ombre extension adds coloring that gives hair gorgeous color.

Ombre Clip-in Hair Extensions - Before and After

The synthetic hair piece is easy to attach to your hair. It has multiple clips and a nice band that makes wearing the extension very comfortable and, more importantly, natural. It blends well with similar colored hair without a fake hair look.

Clip-in Hair Extensions
Here’s how easy it is to wear the hairdo Ombre Clip-in Hair Extensions:
1. Part and pull up the crown portion of your hair. Clip to top of head using the provided hair clip.
Clip-in Hair Extensions
2. Clip in the extension. The extension has 5, easy to use, clips.
Clip-in Hair Extensions
3. Remove hair clip, style as needed: flat iron, curl or blow out.
This Hairdo extension is great for everyday wear! It is the only synthetic hair piece that you can actually style without destroying it which makes it a lot more versatile. If you are ready to have full, colorful hair than the Hairdo extension is a good option!
Both hair extensions by HairUWear are available at online.