I’m sharing my experience with the Walmart Family Mobile plan as part of #FamilyMobileSaves social shopper insights study for #cbias – I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

Goal - To Save Money on my Cell Service -trying the Walmart Family Mobile plan for 3 months  #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

I just changed cellphone providers in December after being with the same one for almost 10 years. So why did I change? Coverage. My husband needed service in the remote areas where he’s sent to do wildland firefighting. Plus our son, who’s still on our service, lives in a State Park which again is very remote and the service we selected is the only one available there.

But the problem with switching is we’re paying a premium price for that coverage and it’s a feature I don’t need. What I do need is cheaper data. I tend not to stray off the beaten path but so I don’t need the provider who serves those remote areas. But I do need more data so when I’m out I can tweet, send Facebook updates, and read my email. I didn’t realize that there was a way for us all to have what we need for less money!

Lowest Price Rate Plan – Who Knew?!?

Walmart Family Mobile Powered by TMobile

While I’m stuck with my contract for another year and a half, that’s not going to stop me from figuring out my options and for looking for the lowest price rate plan available for the best wireless service. As of right now it looks like we’ll be breaking up the family and I’ll likely go my own way with a Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

I’ll likely make the move because because the Walmart plan fits me better. For $39.99 a month, their plan includes unlimited talk and text. But where it really shines is that also includes unlimited data*. I’m currently paying $50 a month for unlimited text & talk and another $80 for data for three of us. That could be reduced by about $30 so I’ll be saving about $40 a month by switching! That’s $480 a year I can use on something else (like that new DSLR I’ve been craving!).

Walmart Family Mobile uses the T-Mobile network which is the company we just left so I know the coverage is adequate for me. Now I’m sorry I didn’t know about this option back when we left them in December. I could be saving money now!

Walmart Pre-pay vs Family Mobile Plan

My mom has been using the Walmart Family Mobile Pre-pay Plan since I kicked her off our cellphone plan two years ago for being too chatty. My teens weren’t causing us to go over 800 combined minutes of voice, my 70 year old mother was! If you’ve ever had an overage charge, you’ll know how upsetting they can be.  Now that it’s unlimited voice, I suspect the two of us will take advantage of the “add a line” discount and save even more!

Activating the Walmart Family Mobile Plan

Walmart Family Mobile Activation - #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias  #shop

I’m going to trial the Walmart Family Mobile service for 3 months to be sure it works for me so I ordered a phone online (I choose from a huge selection of phones available through Walmart – the one I chose is $125) and I picked it up at the store (see my whole purchase and shopping trip here). I loved being able to check the phone features from home instead of standing at the store reading all the shelf labels.

I also purchased the one-time Starter Kit ($25) that’s required to activate the line.  All I  have to do now is go to  MyFamilyMobile.com to set up the account. I could have done this at the wireless counter at the store or by calling the Family Mobile Customer Service at 1-877-308-9621 as well. Once the phone is activated, I’ll be able to manage my Walmart Family Mobile plan online at https://www.myfamilymobile.com – I love the convenience!

This plan is perfect for me, but for  those who need international roaming and long-distance calling to Mexico, Canada, and 12 other countries, it’s available for $0.05 cent per minute. Find out more at https://www.myfamilymobile.com:443/Login/login.aspx?rc=&dest=https%3a%2f%2fwww.myfamilymobile.com%3a443%2fdefault.aspx.

Walmart Family Mobile Smart Talk

Walmart Family Mobile Smart Talk

Smart Talk tips from three Social Fabric Bloggers. Find out how they connect and save money with Walmart Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile. Walmart Family Mobile has a great new smartphone line-up, including the Samsung galaxy S® 4 and the iPhone.

*Currently the “unlimited” data plan gives you 3G data for the first 2.5 GB of data and then slows to 2G for the rest of the billing cycle. I’ve never done over 2 GB of data yet, so that works for me, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re a heavy streamer.