OMG Nail Strips sent me a set of strips to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nail Strips - Instant Nail Art
Nail strips are all the rage right now because they are so easy to use and there are so many great designs. OMG Nail Strips provide you the opportunity to have great looking fingernails at a fraction of salon pricing. If you’re hesitant to try nail strips because you think they will be difficult to apply, let me assure you that it really is a very simple process – you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them sooner!

OMG Nail Strips - instant nail art made easy

OMG Nail Strips offers more than 50 different nail strip designs so there is sure to be something that you like. There is everything from camouflage (HUGE trend this fall), to animal prints, to holiday fun and floral and flowers.

The strips are a nice sticker with great adhesive. You definitely get great value for your money with OMG Nail Strips.


OMG nail strips
STEP 1: Remove any polish off your nails, shape, if needed.

OMG nail strips
STEP 2: The nail strips come in a variety of sizes. Choose a nail strip that is the appropriate size. You want it to reach from edge to edge.
OMG nail strips
STEP 3: After selecting the correct size, peel the clear plastic from the top and the backing. You will be left with a very sticky nail strip. Take care that it doesn’t fold up on itself.

OMG nail strips
STEP 4: Align the bottom center edge of the sticker with the center bottom of your nail. Press gently into place working from the center to each side. You can use a cuticle stick to press into sides of nail.

OMG nail strips
STEP 5: At the top of your nail press the strip against the nail edge and file to break off excess nail strip.

OMG nail strips
That’s it. You are done, before long you will have great looking artsy nails without the high cost of the salon.

How Long Do Nail Strips Last?

Nails strips can last a week to ten days if you’ere not doing manual labor. Mine chipped after a couple days because of the work I was doing.  To remove them, use nail polish remover and a tissue – they come off fairly easy.

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