I’ve been provided a sample of DOLE Banana Dippers and been given a promotional gift to thank me for my participation in Girls Night In through the  Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are my own.

Girls Night In Ideas - Our party sponsored by DOLE Banana Dippers

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and so fitting in a Girls Night In party seemed almost impossible. But my sister and I decided we needed time to relax and have some fun before the real work of making cupcakes for my son’s wedding began (read: Wedding Cupcakes: Margarita, Strawberry Lemonade, Coconut), so last week we brought together new and old friends including the bride-to-be and celebrated my son’s upcoming marriage and summer with a party.

Girls Night In Party

Our Girls Night In Party -sponsored by DOLE Banana Dippers

I picked up some bottles of wine, organic lemonade for the designated drivers, and of course food. One thing we didn’t have time for was making anything, so I went for fresh veggies and dip, seven layer Mexican dip and tortilla chips, turkey roll up sandwiches, and for something  sweet, the new DOLE Banana Dippers.

The ladies and I ate, giggled, and tasted tested the Banana Dippers and all but one of us loved them. The lone holdout doesn’t care for banana’s at all – seriously, who doesn’t love bananas?!?! But rest of us loved them!  DOLE Banana Dippers are frozen banana slices covered in dark chocolate or dark chocolate and sprinkled with almonds have just 120 calories per servings.  We universally thought they made a great snack or dessert and agreed kids would love them too!

Of course we chatted about how they’d be great on the top of a cupcake, covered in whipped cream and cherries, or on top of graham crackers – low calorie wasn’t a consideration at that point for sure!

Girls Night In – Food, Fun & Chick Flicks!

Our Girl's Night In Party sponsored by DOLE Banana Dippers

After we finished eating we settled in to watch Pitch Perfect (a movie we all loved and I say one of the best chick flicks ever; though my son was offended that I called it by that term since it’s his favorite movie) and thumbed through some DIY, craft, and celebrity magazines.  Everyone received a DOLE frozen eye mask so they could take some relaxation home with them and a coupon for their own box of  DOLE Banana Dippers. I continued the surprises by marking two of the coupons for a special gift!

The ladies and I will be getting together again soon – taking time out to have some laughs was so worth the little bit of planning necessary to put it all together.

Special thanks to my lovely sister for allowing me to crash her house and to her friends and our family for coming. I’m sure the ladies who had to cancel at the last minute won’t miss the next one!

Find the DOLE Banana Dippers in the frozen fruit aisle of your favorite grocery store (not the ice cream section) for $3.49 – $3.99 a six-serving box.

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My apologies for the Girl’s and Girls Night use. Unfortunately the one searched for is different than what’s considered grammatically correct – this way I cover both. Thanks for understanding.