Disney has provided airfare and accommodations plus a sneak peek at children’s toys, plus, and apparel released for the film including Disney Store Exclusives. All opinions are my own.

Disney Store Exclusives: Little Mermaid #iheartariel #littlemermaidevent

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is being released on a Diamond Edition on October 1st and to celebrate, Disney has released some great new toys and apparel. I showed  you my favorite Little Mermaid adult clothing and makeup from Sephora last week (read: Little Mermaid Limited Edition Merchandise), and this time I want to share my favorites in the children’s lines.

My favorite toys from the new The Little Mermaid line to celebrate the Diamond release in October

These are currently on sale at DisneyStore.com making them even more affordable.

Disney Store Exclusives: Little Mermaid

I’m a sucker for plush toys. There’s so much imaginative play can be had with them and they’re perfect for the very young right up to adults. These 21″ soft dolls are Disney Store exclusives (and they’re on sale right now!) Ariel comes in both human and mermaid form. Prince Eric wears vinyl boots and a satin sash. The Ariel above is the human version where she’s dressed in a beautiful pink satin gown and shoes (’cause she’s got legs!). The mermaid version (not shown) has iridescent teal fins and she wears her traditional purple top seashell top.

The Flounder is adorable. He’s 10″ and has a face that makes you smile back. They’ve done his expression so beautifully and the colors are perfect. Soft and squishy – he’s just too much fun to love (they also have a HUGE 23″ Flounder that’s amazing and under $40!). There’s also an 11″ Scuttle plush with a wingspan of 22″, a 12″ Max , and Sebastian (though in mini bean bag size)

Thankfully they brought out their evil counterparts. First Flotsum and Jetsam, the nasty little bottom of the sea creatures who do Ursula’s bidding. They’re 16″ and nicely creepy. I remember when my kids were little, probably when the video was released, my oldest son looked up flotsam and jetsam in the dictionary. It was a learning moment and one I’ve never forgotten. It still makes me smile thinking of that little boy holding that enormous dictionary and reading me the definition, a little lightbulb going off in his head about why the characters had those names.

Of course the set is not complete without the queen of mean herself, Ursula. She’s 12″ tall (unless you pull her tentacles and then she’s 25″ total).  I love her hair and painted nail features.

My favorite Ariel doll is the Disney Animators’ Collection 16″ Ariel Doll Deluxe Bathtub Gift Set. First because I love the whole animator’s collection because they’re so affordable and adorable and second because it comes with a tiny Sebastian, bubbles, and a dinglehopper. Plus the bathtub is so cute! ($49)

Disney Animators' Collection Ariel Doll Deluxe Bathtub Gift Set - 16''

These are just my favorites Disney Store Exclusives. There are plenty more plus you’ll find new costumes, pjs, and more at retailers like Target and Walmart.

Disney Store Exclusives: Little Mermaid #iheartariel #littlemermaidevent

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition is available for pre-order on DisneyStore.com.  The 2-Disc Combo Pack comes with an exclusive set of 4 10″x14″ Lithographs (while supplies last), plus $20 off a future online purchase of $40.00 or more; or $10 off a future online purchase of up to $39.99. See the DisneyStore.com website for complete details and to order.