Mid-paint job - old green trim is gone and rust is next - Trying out paint color combinations with an online virtual house painter application (FREE!)

Mid-paint job – old green trim is gone and rust is next

My sweet husband has been painting the exterior of our house for 2 weeks now. It’s a lot of work (read: Painting Aluminum Siding: Will Our Marriage Survive? ). He’s finally done painting the main color and the trim color, but there’s that dreaded third color we’ve been having so much trouble picking. If we could pick a color we like, it’d be easy. Unfortunately, every house on our block is painted the same and that color is taken, several times over, so it’s time to add a third color that’s different.

I failed at picking the color earlier (read: DIY Projects: House Painting Color Choices Fail) so this time I decided to try finding some help online. I found a virtual house painter on the Sherwin Williams site that seemed perfect. It’s free and easy to use, but you do have to register to use it. I did, though I opted out of future contact they do still have my info, but it seemed a small price to pay to try paint on my house without actually purchasing it this time.

We snapped a photo of our house and then uploaded it to the site. It took me a moment to figure out how to paint onto the house, but once I did, it was incredibly simple. I tried on several colors and saved them to my computer and then had the hubby and son take a look. Of course, none of us agreed on a color.

Virtual House Painter

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I fell in love with the Greenblack an would have gone with that but the hubby decided he needed the paint today and Sherwin Williams was closed so I headed to Home Depot and picked up the same brand of paint we’d used for the white trim (Behr Interior/Exterior Premium). Ironically, he didn’t start painting the shutters today….so I could have had my  Greenblack.

But what color did I bring home? I’ll post a pick as soon as it’s done but I’m curious which you would pick!