I was loaned a AT&T MiFi Liberate Hotspot to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received.

ATT Mobile Hotspot MiFi

My Seattle AT&T rep offered me a chance to try out their MiFi Liberate Hotspot on a recent blogging trip. I figured what the heck, why not, but I never thought I’d actually need a hotspot. Heck, I rarely leave home, or so I thought, so why would I need the convenience of one? Well I’ve discovered that they come in really handy!

mifi-liberate ServiceIn just the last week I used the AT&T MiFi Liberate Hotspot while on a press trip saving me the $22 per day Wi-Fi fee. It also allowed me to work from the airport without worrying about connecting to a spoof site (which happened to me and resulted in a major XXX takeover of my computer which disabled it for days while I tried to clean all the infected files two years ago) and I used it while on location during the day when Wi-Fi was spotty or not available.

Imy wifi vs att mifi used it again when I visited my sister’s home two days in a row to make cupcakes for my son’s wedding. They have Wi-Fi but the only person who knows the Wi-Fi password is my nephew and he’s in the Army now stationed in Texas. Having my own Internet access meant not chasing him down.

Just today I pulled it out when a car crash about a mile from our home took out a power pole which in turn took out our internet. In fact, I’m writing this now using the AT&T MiFi Liberate Hotspot to access the internet to write this post while I’m streaming a video on my iPad. My husband has started our generator, the first time I ever remember using it in summer, so that I can have power to continue to work.

AT&T MiFi Liberate Hotspot

So maybe I am going to have to get myself a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Perhaps it isn’t just for the geeks and Internet addicts. Perhaps it’s a bit of convenience that will make it a little easier to get my work done. In my area, the AT&T hotspot is as fast or not faster than my cable modem – so fast I sometimes forget I’m connected through the hotspot and not my own Wi-Fi.

AT&T MiFi Liberate Hotspot

I’ll be using it again next week when I head to the Family Forward conference at Universal Studios. I’ll be doing a Community Bias Chat while I’m there, something I’d never do if I had to rely on hotel Wi-Fi to do. I’ll be using the hotspot so I don’t anticipate any connection issues.