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Jack checking out Comcast Xfinity Summer of Kids on my iPad - Comcast Xfinity on Demand Summer of Kids  Sponsored

Jack checking out Comcast Xfinity Summer of Kids on my iPad

My in-laws came to visit last month, and we wanted to take them out for a nice dinner. (Well, as nice as you can get with a pre-schooler in tow.) We picked a modern restaurant downtown, one that was pretty family-friendly with a lot of ambient noise so my kid wouldn’t be a total distraction to the other diners. Even with that perk, I spent the entire meal feeling like a magician. I had to pull something new out of my bag every five minutes — snacks, drinks, Buzz & Woody action figures, coloring books — just to keep Jack from wanting to get up and run around the restaurant. I was exhausted by the end of the meal!

Comcast Xfinity of Demand – Kids Summer Programming

Any parent with young kids can tell you — if you’re going out in public, it’s vital to have entertainment for your child or you’ll BOTH be going crazy. It’s so embarrassing to watch your kid act up in front of other people, especially if you’re in an enclosed space like an airplane or restaurant. Luckily, with all of today’s technology, it’s getting easier to find fun and simple modes of distraction — and nowhere is this easier than with Comcast’s Xfinity Player app and the Summer of Kids.

Xfinity has a ton of children’s programming available on a varity of devices — and best of all, you can download it and take it with you anywhere. They’ve got family-friendly content from brands like Nickelodeon, Disney, Sprout, PBS Kids and Cartoon Network; Xfinity TV customers can download tons of your kids’ favorite TV shows right to your tablet or smartphone so you can watch even if you’re in a place with no internet connection like on a plane.

Comcast On Demand’s catalog has 1,000+ downloadable kid-friendly shows with Xfinity Digital TV and Streampix subscriptions. (Our most important favorites — Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Thomas the Train and Friends — are on there, with multiple episodes available.)

One more important note: Common Sense Media is integrated with Xfinity TV, providing a media ratings system based on child development guidelines so you can make informed choices about the entertainment you choose for your family. This means you can filter shows by categories like age and most-watched shows. I’m pretty picky about what my three-year-old watches, so it’s really nice to have a little extra peace of mind from these guidelines when it comes to picking new shows for him to watch.

Check out Comcast’s parental controls site,, to learn more about managing what your kids watch. available all the time.) They’ve got lots of current hits like Brave, Finding Nemo and Alvin & The Chipmunks Chipwrecked — and you can even choose from two different download quality levels: higher quality bigger files or a smaller good-quality one. You can learn how to download content on the Xfinity TV Player app with the super-helpful slideshow on this page.

I’ve already downloaded a handful of shows to my iPad and iPhone so I’ll be ready to go the next time we’re out in public and I need a little break from entertaining the kiddo — especially when we fly later this year. My life will be so much easier with a couple of Mickey and Thomas tricks up my sleeve!

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