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Disney PLANES World Premiere - El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, CA 8/6/13

Disney PLANES World Premiere – El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, CA 8/6/13

Earlier this week I traveled to LA to attend the world premiere of Disney’s newest animated feature film, PLANES. Unlike previous red carpet events, this one started with a pre-party which was thrown right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd.

As celebrities and their families worked the red carpet, invited guests like myself walked behind them so our view was much different than the regular press covering the event. They were staked out along the temporary barricades which had been erected for the event and they had the full attention of the star.

Our view of Terri Hatcher and the press corps

Our view of Terri Hatcher and the press corps

We on the other hand were at the mercy of the security people who’s sole purpose is to move us through the line as quickly as possible which isn’t easy when every one of us it vying for a chance to take a picture of the celeb as well as one of ourselves, because really, unless you’re Teri Hatcher (voice of Dotty), when will you get another chance!

Hatcher did walk the carpet and she did it in a stunning strapless dress of cream and yellow. She’s very slim and petite and I love that her face is natural. She posted a photo on Twitter some time ago to prove she hadn’t used Botox, and while she looks fabulous, she looks like someone who is aging and I love that she’s comfortable enough to share so that women will stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Terri Hatcher looking fabulous at the PLANES Premiere 8/6/13

Disney Planes Premiere – Celebrities

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I find celebrities interesting, but I’m not a super fan. By that I mean I’m not one to rush up and ask for a photo. To me once they’re done with the red carpet they’re off duty and should be left alone to enjoy an event with their family. Because of this, my photos are taken from a distance and obviously candid. I do them because most readers enjoy them. I hope you don’t mind the less than stellar quality and enjoy the spirit and craziness that is the red carpet caught in quick snaps.

There were plenty of other celebs in attendance, some I saw and recognized, some I talked to and had no clue, and several I saw in photos later had been in attendance but I never picked out of the crowd. Dane Cook (Dusty Crophopper) hung out in the lobby after the film and before the VIP event. Unfortunately, the room was too dark for a photo and he had a security person moving us around his group. I did chat for a few minutes to Cedric the Entertainer (Leadbottom) but I didn’t know who he was until later. I tried to snap a photo of Anthony Edwards (voice of Echo) but I was too late – the hat he was wearing disguised him well John Ratzenberger (Harland) arrived in a fabulous suit which he wore with ease even in the heat.

Disney Channel stars were aplenty and the kids from Jessie where everywhere. The skirt the 15-year old Peyton List was criminally short. Cute on an 18+ year old, but wildly inappropriate in my mind on someone so young. She was adorable though and I forgave her for her fashion faux paus.

Disney Planes Premiere – Pre-Party

Disney Planes Premier Entertainment

The pre-party was very much like a carnival with games of chance booths with Planes prizes. The commotion was insane – throngs of people inside enjoying the event while thousands lined up against the barricades watching the event, hoping for a sighting of their favorite actor or actress. I laughed when I looked up at one point to see two people sitting on the edge of a roof on a nearby building – their birds eye perch probably gave them the best seat in the house – but boy did it look dangerous!

There were also photo booths and food and drink stations. Entertainment was provided by jugglers and stilt walkers and music which played heavily from Miley Cirus’ body of work played throughout.

Disney Planes Premiere Experience

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It was a warm day in LA and guests were literally glowing as we were ushered into the dark and cool theater for the premiere. Themed buckets of popcorn and 3D glasses were given out and once seated, the film began.

I sat in front of Stacey Keach (voice of Skipper) and Juliette Mills and behind the kids from the Disney Channel’s  Jessie show – talk about being sandwiched between two Disney generations.

The film was a hit with the crowd and I loved it as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I adored it. I’ll be reviewing it soon and sharing more about my trip to LA including the sneak peek at Frozen and other surprises from Disney.

Disney Planes is in theatres this Friday!

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