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Pay Bills Online With MasterCard @mastercard #billpay #mc

I’ve had a MasterCard debit card for years. So many in fact that I’m not sure when I got the first one. I use it in place of cash everywhere I shop including online, but one feature I didn’t know about is that you can pay your bills with it! Turns out it’s really easy to do and you can do it by phone.

To pay by MasterCard, have your card ready, visit your provider’s website. Visit the bill payment section, usually “Pay Your Bill,” or something similar. Put in your billing information, card number, expiration date, and the security number (a 3 digit code printed on the back of your card). That’s it!  You can do it with your debit, credit, or prepaid card and if your card gives cashback or other bonuses you just earned them! (see how easy it is – check out me paying online here)

MasterCard 2013 Bill Payment Promotion

You Could Win 60K - Bill Pay with MasterCard for a Chance to Win 60K! @MasterCard #BillPay #MC

But why pay your bills with your MasterCard®? Well first it’s fast, convenient, and safe. Second you don’t have to have cash in hand or write a check. But even better, right now if you use your MasterCard to pay a bill you could win $60,000!

Until October 31, 2013, use your MasterCard® debit, credit,  or prepaid card for all your purchases* and you’ll be AUTOMATICALLY entered for a chance to win $60,000! Yes, paying for your cellphone, cable TV, garbage, sewer, electricity, insurance, car payment, health care bills and more qualify you for a chance to win!

Want more info on the MasterCard 2013 Bill Payment Promotion? Visit the Mastercard website for all the details and rules.

How Would You Spend 60K?

If I won 60K Dollars - @mastercard #billpay #mc

What would I do if I won the $60K? I would pay off my debt and then take my family on a Disney Cruise and make some memories of a lifetime. Our kids are both adults now, but they love Disney as much as we do! They’d also bring along their significant others – what a way to spend time as a family! After that I’d create a craftroom in my home for my hobby which is crocheting hats and gloves for the homeless and blankets for children in the hospital. I’d use the room to bring in others who want to learn to crochet to join me in donating more items. The third thing I’d do is give to charity. First I’d purchase a huge stockpile of yarn and then lend the rest through Kiva. They’re a fabulous micro-lending site where the money could be reused over and over to fund entrepreneurs around the world for decades.

So what would you do with 60K? Would you go back to school, add on a room, take a vacation, invest it? I’m curious!

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