Yale has provided a Yale Real Living™ YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt for this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Yale Real Living Deadbolts

We’ve been knee deep in home improvement this summer (read: DIY Projects: House Painting Color Choices Fail and Painting Aluminum Siding: Will Our Marriage Survive?). We’re about half done with the exterior painting and we’re working on our home safety at the same time. We’re upgrading our alarm system and that means taking a look at our locks. Once our doors are repainted they’ll be outfitted with updated deadbolt locks. The lock we chose to go with is the Yale Real Living™ YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt lock.

We chose this one because it works with several of the living home systems we’re considering and we want to be sure anything we invest in will be future proofed for when the new system is put in. Plus it has to work with our current security system. The Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt fits the bill.

The Yale Real Living deadbolt lock works as a stand-alone lock that allows you to program access codes for every member of the family, the dog sitter, babysitter, and more. Plus it can be integrated into home control systems to give you even more features.

Why the Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt?

Yale YRD240 ORB 500We chose the deadbolt options because our doors already have deadbolts, so minimal drilling should be require. Plus we’ve always liked the added security of having two locks on each door.

What makes the Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt fabulous is that it’s a keyless lock. It has a touchpad so you no longer have to have a key to access your home. There are keys included in case you’re not willing to go keyless or in the event the batteries are dead, but for us they’ll be a back-up only.

Why a Keyless Lock?

This lock could save you hundreds of dollars. That’s because if you (or more likely your child) has ever lost a set of keys, you know how expensive it is to rekey the house. With this lock, you never have to rekey, just change the code! Plus the lock is designed to be secure and bump and pick resistant to increase your door’s security. I’ve checked out the lock and it’s substantial and weighty. I have no doubts about its quality, but I’ll know more after we install it.

Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt Design & Function

Yale’s Real Living touchscreen deadbolt locks are available in three finishes: US15 Satin Nickel, US10BP Oil Rubbed Bronze Permanent, and US3 Polished Brass. There’s one to fit every décor.

What I like about the lock is that it’s lighted for nighttime use, fits all standard exterior and interior doors, is designed to accommodate misaligned doors (which ours likely are), and  some model include (or can have added)  ZigBee or Z-Wave configurations so that it becomes compatible with quite a few security services.

This key-free deadbolt is trilingual (English, French, and Spanish), has an adjustable volume level, allows for up to 25 users when used as a standalone lock and up to 250 when you go wireless. The batteries are said to last up to a year plus it has a low battery warning so you won’t be left standing on the porch.

Yale Real Living YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt Schematic

Yale Real Living YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt Schematic

Living Home Compatibility

When the Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt is paired with Living Home programs it really comes to life (read: Home Security and Automation – AT&T Digital Life for an example of one compatible system). You can remotely unlock or lock the door from any web-enabled device. Receive email or text alerts to your phone from your door such as when it’s accessed and by which entry code and you can confirm the battery status and view real-time the doors transactions.

I’m excited to get the lock installed but it’s been a little crazy around here with the painting and we want to install it as part of the painting process. I’m a sloppy painter so I want to install it after the door dries and since we haven’t even picked the color for the door yet,  it’ll likely be a few weeks before we get it installed. But I didn’t want to hold up the giveaway! One of you will get one of these fabulous locks of your own!

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 Win a Yale Real Living™ Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

One lucky winner will win a Yale Real Living™ YRD240 Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt  with the Radio Model Z Wave in his/her choice of finish. Retail value: $325!

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