Exterior House Painting 2013DIY Projects: House Painting

The house painting has been going well (read: Painting Aluminum Siding: Will Our Marriage Survive?) thanks to the blessings of some fabulous days of sunshine and lots and lots of Ibuprofen. At 55, my husband’s much to old be painting on ladders 10-12 hrs a day, but he does it without complaining. I’ve lost track on how many days he’s spent sweating in the sunshine, but it’s been 10 days I’m sure.

I helped a bit with the siding, but the trim is all his. I have problems with my balance so me on a ladder is a recipe for disaster. He seems to have a bit of Spiderman in him as he goes from rooftop to rooftop with easy. Granted, he’s a firefighter and in phenomenal shape, so it’s easier for him.

DIY Projects: House Painting –  Choosing Paint

DIY Home - House Paint Colors

He finished the siding in 2 days. The trim? Yikes, that’s another story. First we finally decided on a color. But true to form, we made a bad color choice first. I tried hard to avoid it because darn it quart cans of exterior paint are expensive! So I went to the paint store with a large paint swatch (the top of the paint can covered in paint) and picked out two colors. We were going for complimentary colors that weren’t too much of a contrast.

DIY Projects: House Painting Color Choices Fail

Our current green is a color my husband loves so I thought I’d stay in the green family for him, only tone it down quite a bit. I also picked a creamy white with some yellow in it for the 3rd color. I took my 3 paint samples home but failed to realize the paint guy had goofed and given me different sheens than I asked for. More than annoying, it would change how the paint went on and how it looked making it harder to make the color choice. I learned my lesson – check before you leave the store!

Once home I couldn’t wait to try out the colors. I loved the white – just enough yellow so it wasn’t stark white but as I painted the two greens I realized instantly that they were AWFUL!  I reminded myself to wait until it was dry and a second coat was applied before I decided it wouldn’t work. Yep, even dried they were awful. Well that was a waste of money!

The hubby was pressing me to make a choice because he needed to move on to the trim so I said skip the green, let’s go with the white. At that point he just wanted to get started so he agreed. He headed off to the paint store but remember I told you they gave me the wrong sheen? Well it turns out you can’t get the sheen the hubby wanted from them so he headed to a larger chain store where he picked BRIGHT white. The exact color I DIDN’T want, but he swore it was close to the color I picked….yea, close only counts in horseshoes. This is stark-raving-I-swear-it-glows-in-the-dark white.

DIY Projects: House Painting and Caulking

What’s done is done. The bright white it is. So he started painting and oh my…white shows EVERY flaw and our house was built in the 70’s during the throw-it-up-fast-’cause-they’re-selling-like-hotcakes stage of the building boom. To combat the bad build, the hubby is caulking the cracks and seams and he’s gone through an enormous amount of caulk trying to making it look better (the 12-year old in me has had great fun teasing him about the caulk in the yard and that he’s gotten his caulk on the fence – I can’t help myself!). He’s 1/2 done with the trim – it’s not easy painting white over that dark green and now I see why we picked the color 20 years ago. Oh well.

DIY Home - Caulking and Painting the Exterior

We’re moving on and we still have a 3rd color to pick for the shutters and the door. Right now our house is identical to the one on the right of us. Totally unintentional, we can’t really see it from our house since we only have bathroom windows on that side and it’s set back from ours, but it is. I’m thinking blue for the shutters. It won’t be either of the greens I picked for sure!

What color would you choose for color #3 and anyone need two pints of baby poop green?