Isn’t it ironic? Yea, the lyrics to Alanis Morissette’s song ran through my head today. You see I finally decided to buy that chair from the Kohl’s website I’ve been eying for a few days (see Tan & Charcoal Decorating Ideas). It’s the same fabric as the La-z-Boy chair  I fell in love with a few months ago, but the size of this one fits our room better. It’s got a fabulous print of birds with a sea glass blue (teal), beige, gray, and white pattern.

Birds and Sea

Sea Glass and Charcoal

I spent an hour finding the perfect pillows with squiggly embroidered accents and a pattern design shape that resembles a feather – a nod to the cranes on the chair. Plus they’re on SALE! Then I found just the right shade of sea glass window curtains which happen to be thermal, a plus for our old windows that let cold air pass through like a sieve.

I was going to continue shopping and trying out colors, but then I realized that I LOVED that chair so I decided while it was on sale I was going to buy it. I had FINALLY picked my accent color, so I set off to buy the chair and pillows, and move forward.

I went to the Kohl’s site, found the chair, looked for the “buy” button and instead an “out of stock” placard was in its place. ARGH! I know, first world problems and in the scheme of things it’s nothing, but darn it, I’ve been trying to figure this out since MARCH and thought I’d finally made a move.

Back to the drawing board. Got a color suggestion for me? The charcoal couch is the basis – please help me figure out what to do with it.