Eye Doll’s natural makeup for teenagers samples were received to facilitate this review; all opinions are Em’s.

Eye Doll Chatter Lipgloss Review - Natural Makeup for Teenagers

Natural Makeup for Teenagers

Eye Doll Chatter is a fun line of scented makeup that allows me to mix and match scents and flavors with colors. I tried the Hello Kissy Kit Full Of Kisses lip gloss kit and the American Eye Doll My Besties Pink eye shadow kit.

American EyeDoll Chatter Lip Gloss

The lip gloss kit offers three flavors and three colors. The eye shadow kit offers three scents and three colors. The lip gloss kit includes raspberry, chocolate and root beer flavors with pink, purple and red colors. You can mix and match the flavors however you want or just apply a single flavor.

I applied a coat of root beer flavor, which taste yummy & exactly like root beer. I also tried mixing the chocolate and raspberry for a tasty raspberry chocolate flavor. The lip gloss brushed on very easily and stayed on.

Eye Doll Chatter Lipgloss Review - Natural Makeup for Teenagers

Next, I topped the flavored coat with the red color. It applied easily without removing the base coat. I like how the colors are not overbearing and have just the right amount of gloss. Perfect to wear when I’m out at the park or shopping at the mall.

EyeDoll Eye Shadow - Natural Makeup for Teenagers

American EyeDoll Chatter Eye Shadow

The eye makeup kit includes three scented base powders and three colors. The scents include bubble gum, pomegranate, and romance. I liked the bubble gum and pomegranate, but the romance smells just like baby powder and I didn’t really like the scent. The colors include Twitter the Glitter, Boys n Berry, and Confetti Confessions.

Eye Doll Chatter Eye Makeup Review

I applied the bubble gum scented powder on my entire lid and then used Twitter the Glitter and Boys n Berry for the colors. The makeup applied nicely as a powder. I also tried adding a bit of water to my brush and applied some makeup a little damp to give it some staying power for the day. It does make the colors a tiny bit darker when applied this way.

I love the natural finished look I have using Eye Doll Chatter makeup. This is definitely a makeup I will continue to use. The scents and mix and match options are a lot of fun and give me the chance to change up my makeup without having to buy more.

Eye Doll Chatter Makeup Review

About American EyeDoll Chatter Makeup

The makeup for teenagers line includes:

  • Three different American EyeDoll eyeshadow kits – “Movie Night,” “My Besties Love Pink,” and “Blue Denim;” each with three colors and three scented shimmers.  SRP $25.   Recommended for ages 10 – 15
  • Cheek Chat blush kit in “Homecoming Sparkle” – a set of three cheek colors and three scented shimmers.  SRP $25.  Recommended for ages 10 – 16
  • Hello Kissy lip gloss kit:  “Kit Full of Kisses” – a set of three colored lip glosses and three flavored lip balms.  SRP $25.  Recommended for ages 8 – 15

All of the EyeDoll Chatter products feature aluminum-free titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for natural sun-protection. Plus they’re talc-free, dye-free and free of parabens and other chemical irritants.  Color products are all-natural, shimmers and lip balms are scented with cosmetic-grade, skin-safe fragrances, and all formulas are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Where to buy American EyeDoll Chatter Makeup

EyeDoll Chatter makeup for teenagers is available at specialty boutiques across the U.S. including Bella Rouge (New York), Blo Boutique (Atlanta, GA), Rockin’ Robin Children’s Boutique (Valdosta, GA) and Busy Bee Boutique (Loveland, OH).  You can also purchase it online at EyeDollChatter.com.