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Gracie our Maltese swimming in her kiddie pool - 4th of July Pet Safety tips

Gracie our Maltese swimming in her kiddie pool

My dogs love summer. It’s a chance to play outside and swim in their kiddie pool. But I dread the days leading up to and after the 4th of July. That’s because although fireworks are not allowed in our county, people illegally light fireworks all hours of the day and night and my two little girls become shaking, neurotic, pups who won’t leave my side for about two weeks every summer.

Taking our girl on a nature walk help keeps them calm when the fireworks start.

4th of July Pet Safety

Dog cuddled in their favorite blanket

We’ve found ways to make the 4th of July holiday safer and saner for them (and us!). First we stay home during this time – leaving them home alone to deal with the chaos caused by the fireworks is just cruel. We also get in lots of extra walks and petting sessions on the nights just before and after.

During the actual fireworks, we run a portable air conditioner in our room and confine them to that space where we work to keep them calm. The AC is so loud it really helps mask out the sounds of the fireworks. We make sure their favorite blanket is available for snuggling and then we give them treats hoping that they’ll eventually learn to equate those loud booms with a pleasant memory and will someday not be so afraid of them.

Keeping pets indoors during this time of year is a must. Pets can become so confused and scared they can break out of fenced areas and run. Sadly many pets are lost as a result of the fireworks and some are killed and others never recovered. We don’t want that to happen to our girls. They’re members of our family.

Take time out for fun and exercise

Jewel our Pomeranian checks out the new Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats - Sponsored

Jewel our Pomeranian checks out the new Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treat

I generally give the girls homemade treats, but this year they have a new commercially prepared treat to celebrate with. I shopped at Walmart today and picked up some of Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats (you can read about my shopping trip here). I was thrilled to find them because there are so many dog treats on the market I won’t give my dogs.

Dog treats made in the USA is the #1 requirement on my list of must haves and these are!  Plus this chicken jerky for dogs doesn’t have any artificial flavors and no fillers; however, these otherwise healthy dog treats do have preservatives.

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats - Made in the USA

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats – Made in the USA

Nudges Training Treats

Nudges also give me a way to reward my dogs when they do their tricks – Jewel has two, Gracie only one – and they love to repeat them, so with the Nudges I can tear off pieces and reward each trick without overfeeding them. But they really prefer when I give them the full Nudges – the love to chew on it.

My son’s dog, Roo, happened to visit today and he was a huge fan of this new treat. He enjoyed a few more that the package recommends, but he also did a great deal of running and playing in the water, so I think he’s worked it off. He went home with his own package.

Roo getting a new Nudges Dog Treat....learning "Wait"

Roo getting a new Nudges Dog Treat….learning “Wait”

Roo can't wait for his new Nudges Wholesome Dog Treat - he loves chicken jerky

Roo loves chicken jerky – waiting is hard!



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Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Made in the USA

Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs Made in the USA

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