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Home Security and Automation

Back in the 70’s they promised us that in the year 2000 we’d all be living in houses like our favorite cartoon characters, The Jetsons. That didn’t happen and many of us are stuck with old alarm systems that haven’t been brought into the newage. But we’re getting there thanks to AT&T’s Digital Life  – it’s about as space age as they come and with it you can control your home with your smartphone!

AT&T Digital Life

AT&T’s Digital Life is a personalized home security and automation system which allows you to take control over your home security. It’s professionally monitored 24/7 which allows you to rest easy. You stay connected with your home through your smartphone, PC, or tablet – just about any device that connects you to the web. It even allows you to set your alarm remotely –inside or outside of the home.

AT&T Digital Life Add-On Packages

A selection of the available AT&T Digital Life Add-on Packages Available

A selection of the available AT&T Digital Life Add-on Packages Available

But this space age automation system can do so much more. You can monitory your energy use with their add-on package. Remotely adjust your thermostat and turn off lights from your smartphone anywhere you have internet access. But even better, it adds a layer of security! No more coming home to a dark house – you can arrive to a well-lit, comfortable home.

With their water add-on can monitor for water in your home (it even lets you remotely shut off the water main if necessary!) and their door package allows you to check to see if you remembered to lock the door or let the kids or repair person in. It also includes a tilt sensor which alerts you when your garage door is open.

Add cameras to the system to watch your pets as they go about their day or even check up on your children from the other room. You can also monitor your home while away on vacation to be sure it’s safe.  With their three camera options – indoor fixed, indoor pan & tilt, and outdoor – you’re ready for anything!  You can program your camera to trigger a recording when an alarm occurs, view real-time or saved video of events, and more.

AT&T Digital Life – What’s Right for You?

I took the step-by-step questionnaire to find out the perfect security and automation package for me. I answered a few basic questions about the type of house I live in (rental, owned, etc.), the number of doors and windows I want covered, etc., and I was given full details on what coverage would cost.

Then I was given the option to look at add-ons. I went through the features, what they offered, and chose which to add and which to skip. I was then given a second set of pricing that included the extra coverage.

My personalized AT&T Smart House pricing with Add-ons

AT&T Digital Life Pricing

Current pricing is based on a 24-month term (and of course, early termination fees apply which is understandable since there’s a cost to the company incurred in setting up and installing the system). Their most comprehensive home security package is $39.99 with a one-time $249.99 activation fee.  This package includes everything you need.

Two of the targeted bundles available from AT&T Digital Life

Two of the targeted bundles available from AT&T Digital Life

Targeted bundling is available too. Choose the “Protect the Family” package for alarm ($39.99), smart security including fire and carbon monoxide protection, glass break, motion, door, windows, and restricted area sensors, camera and door package ($14.98) = $54.97 a month. For pet owners, the smart security package  with alarm siren, window/door sensors, keychain remote, choice of carbon monoxide motion, glass break, and restricted area sensors ($39.99) plus door, energy, and camera features ($19.97) for $59.96 a month. Others are availed – visit the AT&T Digital Life website for info.

AT&T Digital Life  Details

You DO NOT have to be an AT&T mobile customer to take advantage of this program but you do need to have broadband internet in your home (any internet provider). Installation is FREE and you OWN the equipment – you move, you take it with you! The equipment has a lifetime warranty for as long as you have your services.

AT&T digital life isn’t available everywhere –yet. I’m fortunate, it’s available in my area so it’s one of the solutions we’re looking at to upgrade our home security.

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