This post about the Samsung Galaxy S4 by Verizon Wireless was made possible by my participation in the  #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger program. All opinions are my own. 

MomStart and SurfandSunshine Check out the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4You know how sometimes you hate to give up your tried and true device because you know it well, you know its features, and you know its limitations? Yea, that’s how I get with cellphones. I get comfy, get all my contacts and social media accounts connected, and then I hate to move on. That’s how I felt when I received the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy 4 to try.

First I should have known it was something cool when the room erupted in cheers when the phone was handed out. Seriously. We were in a restaurant and I remember wondering what in the world could be in those little black bags that brought all these people to shrieks of joy. And then I opened my bag and saw it was a phone. Wah…wah…wah…a phone. In my book hardly worth screaming about. So I set it aside and finished my dinner.

But a few hours later curiosity got the best of me and so with a little help, I got my sim card out of the phone I  had been using and put it into the Samsung Galaxy S4. I told myself I’d just use it for a few days and then switch back to the Droid that I had fallen in love with just 6 weeks earlier. But that was before I discovered all of the cool features of the Galaxy 4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Camera Features

My favorite feature of the phone is the camera. It has the usual front and rear-facing cameras, but it also offers you the chance to use both cameras at the same time so a small thumbnail of what’s in front of the front camera (usually you) is shown in the photo being taken with the rear camera. It’s not a feature I’ve ever used or really think I will use, but for those who like it, it’s there.

Samsung Galaxy Dual Camera Mode

Photo Comparison – Raw Photos and Minor Edits on the Samsung Galaxy S4

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This smartphone allows you to make some simple edits to the photos you take. Then you can send the photos via email or your social media channels. But even better, you can share them via Samsung Link (I’ve dedicated an entire post to this amazing feature – find it here: Samsung Link Replaces Samsung AllShare Play).

There are so many other cool features – I’m still discovering all of the things it can do.

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