Plastic Spoon Roses by Maureen Wilson

Plastic Spoon Roses by Maureen Wilson

Who knew you could craft with plastic spoons?!? I’ve seen a few items and they were beautiful considering the medium they were crafted from. But those few original pieces have been the inspiration all over the internet for some amazing creations. What I didn’t realize is that cheap white plastic spoons are used in all of the projects and they’re painted to achieve the perfect hue.

I’ve only videos that provide fabulous step-by-step tutorials, though none of them tackle my question – how the heck do you dust that thing?!?! Oh, and if you choose the heat method to shape the spoons or remove the handles, PLEASE do it in a well ventilated area. Burning plastic is NOT good for  your lungs. Ok, safety warning done – get crafting! Also, cutting off the fingers of a rubber glove and wearing one or two on your thumb and pointer finger will help prevent burns.

Top Seven Best Plastic Spoon Crafts – DIY Videos

How to Make Roses from Plastic Spoons

Spoon Mirror Tutorial

She says she used $15 in material. I personally don’t like the white peeking through the finished project and would have used spray paint and painted the white board as well.

Spoon Mirror

This one is a little different – she uses foam core and colored spoons – 85 spoons were used in this mirror

How To Make Your Own DIY Lamp Made From Plastic Spoons

Ignore the annoying music in this tutorial – it’s worth a watch to create some crafting inspiration.

DIY Flower Spoon Mirror Tutorial – Chrysanthemum Mirror

480 spoons were used in this two-tone plastic spoon mirror.

Inspired by Pinterest: Plastic Spoon Flowers

Yea, candles & kids are NOT a good mix, but the video is good and I love the teens love spoon crafting! I would use acrylic spray paint – it should make these even more beautiful. Again, do this in a WELL VENTILATED AREA!

DIY : Plastic Spoon Flower vase or centerpiece

Use an LED candle in this one – it would look fabulous!