I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys & Girls Clubs of America to share the  CyberSafeFutures.org website and the Cyber Survivor Challenge Quiz. I received a promotional item as a thank me for participating

Are You a Cyber Smart ParentAs a very young child, I participated in events at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). I was staying with an aunt just south of Seattle in the late 1960s and the BGCA provided summer activities to keep us out of trouble and focused on having fun.

CyberSafe Parenting – Free Assistance

Granted, back when I was a kid summer safety was different. It was about preventing injuries and avoiding strangers; but today’s parents need to do more. Now there’s a virtual world in addition to the real one that has to be dealt with, but you’re not alone in this fight, there is free help available!

When our kids were young, we sought out the most advanced site blockers available – you have so many more resources than we did – use them! But don’t just rely on them because for every piece of software you can put in place, your kids can find another to override it. They can also use friend’s computers whose parents haven’t taken any steps to safeguard their children.

Discussion Cards for Parents about Online Safety - get free help to keep your kids safe online

June is National Internet Safety Month and it’s up to you do put a roadblock between your child and the dangers on the Internet. The most important thing you can do is to talk with your kids. Tell them why you’re concerned, what to watch out for, and set boundaries and have clear consequences should they break them.

Not sure where to start or what to look for? Visit the CyberSafeFutures.org website and check out the educational videos and then take the Cyber Survivor Challenge Quiz to check out your cyber smarts. I took the quiz and even though I’ve got 10 years of experience in dealing with keeping kids safe online, I got one wrong! By the way, when you take the challenge and share it on your social media channels, you’ll be entered to win  one of three grand prizes: an iPad mini PLUS a $500 VISA gift card to the Boys & Girls Club of your choice and 100 2nd place winners will win a Cyber Survivor t-shirt.

Cyber Survivor Challenge: Social Networking

There really is no such thing as being too proactive when it comes to keeping your child safe online. You’d think that by now we’d know it all, but abductions, bullying, and more still happen every day online – work to keep your child safe from all of the pitfalls so he/she can enjoy the beautiful things then Internet can bring them.