Ziftit is a gifting website that allows you to pitch in towards a gift or buy a gift outright directly through a retailer’s website. You can also create your own events like birthdays, weddings, etc., and attach your own wish lists,called Zift lists, to the event. They you can share the event/list with your family and friends through Twitter, Facebook, or email. It’s a great way to coordinate gift giving or to share your own or your children’s wish lists with relatives.

My Ziftit Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wish Lists and Group Gifts Made Easy

Ziftit Amazon Gtift Card Purchase

I took a moment to put together a birthday wish list. I’m turning 52 in just a few days and while I don’t NEED anything, I’d love for those who feel inclined to purchase a gift to know that I’d love some yarn. I’ve become obsessed with making hats and blankets to donate, so yarn would be a fantastic gift!

I filled my wish list and then sent out the list to my family. If one of them chooses, he/she can purchase one of the items right from my list, or they can pitch in to buy it for me and those funds show up in my account for me to spend.

Using Ziftit to Purchase Gifts

I had $50 to spend towards yarn, but there’s a minor flaw in how Ziftit works – it doesn’t account for quantities of lower-priced items. That means I could purchase one skein of yarn, but not 10 of the same one. I went around that by buying a gift card. All I did was add a $50 Amazon Gift Card to my account and then I purchased it by “adding funds” from my Ziftit account.

I had some problems at first because it turns out I have pop-up windows blocked and they need to be enabled in order for the purchase to work. Once I allowed pop-ups, I was taken to the Amazon website where a pop-up widow opened which asked me if I wanted to generate a virtual Visa card to make my purchase. I selected “yes” and it generated a random, 1-time use number. I added that information to my Amazon account and continued the check out.

ziftit purchasing

My card will be here on Monday and then I’ll use it to purchase the yarn. Not a bad work around, but luckily for most purchases that won’t be necessary.

Ziftit is a great system for collecting funds to buy a group gift and an easy site to put together a wish list for Christmas or Birthdays.

Oklahoma Relief via Ziftit - one one one giving

Donating Via Ziftit

But what I really like about Ziftit is the ability to donate to those in need.Every time there’s a disaster as a nation we come together to help through donations to charities. But sometimes I’d like to make a direct impact on someone who’s suffered a tragedy. The Ziftit website allows me to do just that!

In fact, more than one thousand Christmas gifts were delivered to children affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Isn’t that fabulous!

I love know that I can help someone directly and the recipient will get exactly what he/she needs and not a random donation that might not fit or that has funds taken out of for overhead. I think that’s a win/win!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.