Cody Wyoming Airport Arrivals

Until I traveled to the Center of the West event in Cody earlier this week, I never gave it a minute of thought of how one would get there. I guess I always assumed we’d visit on our way to Yellowstone in the family van. I never thought about Flying to Cody Wyoming, but it turns out that it’s a great option because the airport is in a picturesque spot right outside of town and the planes that fly in there are small so you get an up-close look at the terrain as you land. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a plane that was flying lower than the mountains on either side.

Flying to Cody Wyoming – Turbulence Ahead

I admit, I’m not a fan of small planes and when I got on one after arriving in Denver from Seattle, the pilot came over the loudspeaker to announce, “I’m not going to kid you, it’s going to be rough. I’ve asked our flight attendant to remain seated until it’s safe to allow her to move about the cabin.”  While his voice was calming, his message was not. I popped my emergency low dose Xanax which my doctor so nicely allowed me to take with me just in case I had a problem and I waited…..

Taking off wasn’t any worse than the flight in on the 757….a few bumps….and I waited.  As we climbed above the clouds and the flight attendant stayed firmly in her seat, I waited………I waited to feel something from the Xanax and I waited for the turbulence.

The pilot came on over the cabin speaker and again apologized for the rough flight and announced that due to the dangerous conditions, beverage service would not be completed today as the flight attendant’s safety was paramount. While I agree, I’ve never had such a smooth flight.

Landing in Cody Wyoming

Maybe the Xanax did work, or maybe their idea of rough skies isn’t mine, or maybe the rain and thunderstorm that produced some scary lightening, should have provided a rougher ride; it’s possible the tower steered us around it. Either way it was a  mostly uneventful flight into a tiny little airport which led to my first experience of deplaning on the tarmac and waiting for my bag.

Leaving Yellowstone Regional Airport

Yellowstone Regional Airport Departures

I repeated the process on the way out of Cody only this time I left via Delta through Salt Lake City. This time the air was rough and I nearly lost the lunch I’d eaten just an hour or so earlier. Thankfully beverage service went on with the petite flight attendant manhandling the cart during the worst of it because I needed some 7Up to quell my queasies. Still, I think I’ve conquered my fear of small planes, at least during nice weather.

Ticket prices from Seattle to Cody range from $350 – $425 depending on the dates, day of the week, and the length of purchase. Generally purchasing a ticket 30-days or more saves you money.

Flying to Cody Wyoming – Hints and Tips

  • Currently only Delta and America Airlines fly into Cody. American from Denver and Delta to/from Salt Lake City.
  • There are a very limited number of flights in/out of Cody – plan to take the earlier flight so you have some room for rescheduling should your flight be delayed or cancelled
  • Layovers at SLC and Denver are generally 50 minutes or 3 hours. As much as no one likes to be at the airport longer than necessary, choosing the longer layover means you’ll be less likely to miss your connection.
  • Go to the Cody airport at least 1-1/2 hours early. If the plane arrives early and all the passengers are checked-in, your flight will likely leave early.
  • Typical rolling carry-on bags will NOT fit on the small planes – if you have your electronics in yours (I had my 17” laptop in my roller bag with my clothes), you’ll need to remove them and carry them on the plane. You’ll be asked to check your bag at the gate when you board – be sure you have the right colored tag or your bag could possibly end up at the wrong airport.
  • The Cody airport is very small – the TSA agent who checks your ticket against your state issued ID card is the same one who passes you through the scanner. Have your ticket and ID in had when you approach the scanner.
  • Drinks are available in the terminal – water is $1. No other vending is available and there isn’t a gift store.