I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Samsung to give my honest opinion about the Samsung WB200 Wi-Fi Camera available at Walmart Stores #SocialCamera #Shop #cbias

Samsung WB200 Comparison - #SocialCamera #Shop

I recently got the chance to add the Samsung WB200 Wi-Fi camera (previously WB200F) from Walmart to my collection (you’ll find it on their site listed as: Samsung WB200 14.2 MP 18x Optical Zoom Wifi Digital Camera, White – see my shopping trip here). This is the 2nd Samsung smart camera I’ve added to my collection and I’ve got to tell you, once you switch to a Wi-Fi camera you’ll never go back! That’s because with the Wi-Fi option, you no longer have to find a cable to upload your photos. Your precious photos are moved from your camera to the place you designate without ever having to hook your camera to your computer. It’s so seamless that you’ll wonder how you ever put up with the chore of clearing your camera off for so long!

Samsung WB200F No Retouching - #SocialCamera #Shop

Photo Features

There are so many fun feature like the panoramic mode and more. I’m going to be experimenting some more with the features, but for now the photos I take with auto turn out pretty fantastic. But what sets this camera apart is the 18x optical zoom lens. Most pocket-friendly and compact system cameras that have Wi-Fi don’t have an 18X optical zoom. The difference between optical zoom and digital zoom are worlds away. Digital zoom is the result of the computer inside the camera approximating the extra pixels necessary to make up the picture – the results are mostly disappointing. Optical zoom is done through the lens and results in crisp, clear, and complete photos. Here are two photos of my dog Gracie, taken seconds apart. One with the camera in the normal shooting position, the other with the camera zoomed to its full potential. I think it’s pretty easy to see which is the better photo!

Samsung WB200F No Retouching - No Zoom  #SocialCamera #Shop

Samsung WB200F No Retouching Full Zoom  #SocialCamera #Shop

Samsung WB200 Retouched Full Zoom #SocialCamera #Shop

Samsung WB200 Indoor Low Light Original and Edited Versions  #SocialCamera #Shop

Low Light Photography

Like any compact camera, the Samsung WB200 suffers a bit in low light. Most any camera can take a great photo in daylight, but interior photos are much harder. The Samsung does well and with a few edits from a free photo editor, they can be brilliant. This photo was retouched with the free online app PicMonkey. With just a few tweeks it shows off the fabulous color of the yarn.

Samsung WB200 Camera Wi-Fi Features

The camera comes with some great features not found on most compact cameras.

Back up your Photos to Your Computer

To auto back up the photos to your computer, you’ll be prompted to connect the camera via a USB cable to your computer. Once connected, you’ll be walked through the process of adding i-Launcher and PC Auto Backup to complete the process. You’ll need your wireless password for this process as you’re required to confirm it during installation.

Mobile Link – Smart Share

Share your photos with the click of a button by to your compatible smartphone so you can share them instantly on your social media channels. First download the Samsung SMART CAMERA App onto your smartphone from the Play or App Store. Once it’s set up, sharing is easy with the button on the top of the camera.

SNS Cloud

Store your photos on your favorite cloud storage site – choose from Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, or SkyDrive. I have my camera send photos to my SkyDrive account so I can access them from any internet connected device. Sadly it’s not automatic, you actually have to choose which photos to upload from tiny thumbnail images and then wait for them to do so. Upload on my cable wi-fi was about 3 seconds per photo.

My Recommendations

The WB200 camera is a fine camera. It takes great pictures but it has some flaws. The interface is a little clunky and some of the features are not as refined as the Samsung Galaxy camera. If you can afford it, upgrade to the Galaxy. If not and the WB200 is in your price range, you’ll find the quality worth the purchase price.


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