I participated in a familiarization trip to Cody Wyoming including the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Cody Night Rodeo. My travel and accommodations were provided. All opinions are my own.

Chuckwagon Demo and Sampling Center of the West

Today I traveled from the plains to the marshlands, sampled chuckwagon grub made by Cookie the resident chef-of-the-trail at the Center, learned why we shouldn’t think vultures are disgusting, and  finished the night at a rodeo. I did all this without leaving the town of Cody, Wyoming!

Cody Night Rodeo – Cody, Wyoming

After a great day of touring the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, we attended the Cody Night Rodeo. These talented riders participate in nightly events June 1st through August 31. With the event starting at 8pm, it’s prime time for watching the sunset in a picturesque setting.

I won’t kid you though, it was cold tonight! We were not prepared for temps in the low 60’s with a strong wind. Thankfully our host knew us city girls might need some country warmth so she brought us quilts to bundle under. One especially fabulous quilt was handmade by her grandmother! We dubbed our quilt style as “doing the rodeo granny style!”
Cody Night Rodeo, Cody Wyoming

The entire event was well done and although this vegetarian was rooting for the bulls and cows, thankfully most of the event was fun and light with a whole lot of amazing riders. I think I enjoyed the banter between the rodeo clown and the announcer the most. It was corny, silly, and doggone fun. They included the kids in several events and I couldn’t help but cheer and root on the kids as they chased calves in an event the clown dubbed, “Wyoming Daycare.”

If you ever get a chance to come through Cody, Wyoming, make sure the Cody Night Rodeo is on your list of things to do. This family entertainment is just too much fun to miss.

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Going to be in Cody during the 4th of July? Check out the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede. This event is held July 1 through 4

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