Buffalo Bill Statue Center of the West - Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection GalleryI am participating in a familiarization trip to Cody Wyoming including the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. My travel and accommodations have been provided. All opinions are my own.

If you’re a Twitter or Facebook follower you’ve likely seen me sharing a lot of photos with the hashtag #centerofthewest. I realized today I neglected to tell you where I am and what it’s about!

I’m currently in Cody, Wyoming to check out the Buffalo Bill Center of the West (formerly the Buffalo Bill Historical Center). They’re in the process of rebranding and the name change is the first step. Their ambitious goal is to bring five museums into one collective center.

Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection Gallery

I got a taste of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West today and I have to tell you, it’s impressive! We had the opportunity to preview the new Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection Gallery as well. It’s quite a fabulous collection including some wonderful artifacts and photographs. I think the photographs that touched me the most were those of beautiful children long gone now.

Crow Indian Children 1900

Paul Dyck was an artist whose father had been a collector of Plains Indian artifacts in the late 1800’s and Dyck continued the tradition. He amassed over 2,000 items ,with an eye for quality, in his lifetime. The pieces currently on display are a small portion of those that were donated as well as purchased from his heirs upon his passing in 2006.

The curators have made this gallery an evolving piece of art  itself – it’s not a stagnant display – but one that will change over time so that visitors can return to discover new objects on every visit.

A 360 View of the Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection Gallery

I’ll be sharing much more about the new gallery as well as the Center itself over the next few days. In the meantime, if you want to see what I’m seeing in real time, follow me on Twitter, Instgram, or Facebook.