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Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations by Three M Parties

I’m a “beta mom”. No, I don’t have brightly colored fins that I flash at other beta moms as an invitation to fight. Instead, I’m a mom who’d way rather sit on the porch with a cool, refreshing adult beverage than go to a kids’ soccer game or drive the school carpool or plan a toddler’s birthday party. Unfortunately, for me, my kids’ birthday happens every year, like clockwork. Sheesh, can’t a lazy mom catch a break? Thankfully the answer is YES.

There’s a new startup in Seattle and Portland called and they’re all about making busy parents’ lives’ easier. When it finally came time for me to put down my lemonade and plan my daughter’s 4th birthday all I had to do was find a coaster so I didn’t leave a condensation ring on the computer desk. I let my fingers do the walking and in seconds I had a list of birthday parties that were not only in my area but also in my price-range AND geared towards the appropriate ages.  Even better? Just a few clicks of the mouse and my daughter’s party was booked, confirmation email in hand.

What did I end up booking and how much work did I have to do on the day of the party? Oh my gosh, this is the BEST part! I ended up going with Three M Parties and their “Tales of a Mermaid” Birthday party. They provided everything. The only thing I had to do was address the invitation envelopes. Tamara brought all the party decorations, all the plates, cups, music, ran all of the activities, and even brought cupcakes and drinks. She even cleaned everything up when the kiddos went home! I may never oversee another children’s birthday party ever again. Tamara truly is a mother’s best friend!

But there were so many great options on PlaceFull for me to choose from including a pottery painting party, a gymnastics party, a bowling party, and even a spa-themed party. But, when it came down to it, the addition of Mermaids won the day. And, based on the HUGE smile on my daughter’s face and the sweet, thoughtful snuggle we shared on the couch after everyone had left, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Thanks Tamara at Three M Parties and for helping this lazy mom throw a party to remember!

Photo Credit: Three M Parties