This lapighan started out as a baby blanket, but it wasn’t long before I realized that it would be better as a blanket to wrap up and read a book with! My free crochet patterns are not guaranteed – I do the best and describing how I put them together. Please feel free to ask questions – I’m happy to help!

Free Crochet Patterns: Ode to Sock Monkey Kids Lapighan Pattern


  • Chain 59 with base color (the chain determines the LENGTH of the piece – I used an H crochet hook)
  • In the second chain from hook, half double crochet. Continue to the end doing a half double crochet in each chain until you get to the end (57 half double crochets total).
  • Turn and chain 2
  • In the back loop only, half double crochet in every stitch until you’ve completed enough rows to make the size you desire (1 did 40 rows).
  • Next, with the same color, single crochet in each half double crochet – at the end of the row, three single crochets and turn the corner. Put 3 single crochet in each “row” down the side (it’s not an exact science and by using the same color, it’ll blend it in. The point is to have single crochets to complete the rest of the edging).
  • Turn the corner (3 single crochet) and do one single crochet in the base chain. Turn the corner (3 single crochet) and finish the last side (using the same spacing scheme as the first side). Slip stitch into first stitch, tie off.

Free Crochet Patterns - Ode to Sock Monkey Easy Kids Afghan Pattern

That gives you the basis for any binding you like. I did alternating rows of double crochet and single crochet. I also alternated the colors and even used two color strands (navy and gray) together to give it a nod to sock monkeys (the effect is beautiful in person – the photo doesn’t do it justice). I finished it off with a single crochet to look like a blanket stitch.

Don’t forget to do three stitches in each corner, on every round. 

I love the half double crochet stitch (here are some hats created with the same stitch and a video tutorial). It makes a blanket that looks more like a knitted creation, plus it’s got a great weight to it, and it’s really durable.

Yarn Used in this Crochet Project

Approximate Measurements

  • Red Solid Area: 15″ w x 17″ long
  • Border 4.5″ wide
  • Overall Size:  24″ x 25″


Free Crochet Patterns - Easy Kids Lapighan Crochet Pattern

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