Do you find motivation in inspirational quotes? I do! I find they can make me thoughtful and in just a sentence really have an impact on my thoughts and actions. I recently found a few quotes that I really appreciated by Lee Iaccoca.

Who knew that Lee Iaccoca was so wise? Well I guess I should have been able to guess it. After all, he is the former Chrysler chairman and more importantly, now that he’s retired,  he’s focused on several charities including his own foundation in addition to the The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Nourish the Children,  and more.

Here are my favorite Lee Iacocca quotes:

Lee Iacocca quote on the importance of family

Iacocca lost his wife to diabetes – he knows the value of family and this quote really speaks to me. In the end, all we have are the connections to each other.
Lee Iacocca quote about love

It’s good to know that love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Everyone struggles.Lee Iaccoca quote about motivation

I wish some of my former bosses had known this!  It’s a lot like being a parent too – less “NO” and more, how would you like to handle that? Works to empower and motivate kids to think for themselves. Bosses and parents – they have a lot in common.Lee Iaccoca quote about teachers

Sadly our society isn’t very rational. My niece is a teacher – she’s truly one of the best. I wish more people valued the job teachers do for our society.Lee Iaccoca quotes - Motivation is Everying

Another quote that’s applicable in the office or at home. Kids need to be inspired, not ordered. Sure, when safety is involved, there’s no room for compromise. But the rest of the time at home or in business, inspiration goes so much farther in growing an employee and/or child.

While I haven’t always agreed with the candidates he’s backed in past presidential campaigns, I do appreciate that like me he votes on the candidate and not by party.

Do you have a favorite Lee Iacocca quote?