I’m participating in a Cascade Platinum dishwasher soap campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

My Dishwasher Blues - 4 dishwashers in 25 years.I must be doing something wrong. Dishwashers hate me. No really, they do. Ours refuses to clean the dishes no matter how much we pre-rinse. So when I was offered the chance to become a Cascade My Platinum Ambassador I jumped at it. They promise their product will help my dishwasher change its ways…to stop its nasty habit of streaking, to start cleaning without pre-washing or pre-rinsing, and to do away with the white cloudy film that it’s got growing on my glassware.

Well, the dishwasher must have discovered I was about to put it through the Cascade Platinum challenge because yesterday it decided it was no longer going to work for us, at all. It’s done. Kaput. Finished. Now all I have is a stained stainless steel roadblock in the middle of my kitchen and a gaping hole where it should be.

Shopping for a New Dishwasher

So last night hubby and I shopped online and picked out a new dishwasher – how 2013! It won’t be delivered until next week and this one will find a new resting place in the appliance graveyard. I’m not really sorry to see it go. The stainless steel front has been stained since the week we got it (less than 5 years ago). And I’ve tried every stainless steel cleaner out there with very little results and if it did work, the water would leak and it would be stained again.

What’s frustrating is that everything I can find about the life expectancy of a dishwasher says they should last between 8 and 12 years….we’re obviously doing something wrong. This is the 4th dishwasher for our house and we’ve only lived here 25 years! Could the detergent be part of the problem? I have no idea.

Will Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Detergent Make a Difference?

Handwashing Dishes - I think we'll eat out until the new dishwasher arrivesSo now I’ll be testing Cascade Platinum in my brand new, stainless steel interior dishwasher (a painted exterior – I’ve learned my lesson!) and a motor to grind up the food that makes it down to the filter. I’ve saved some of my old detergent to test the two against each other, but darn the old machine for giving up! It would have been a fabulous way to find out if detergent does make a huge difference because cleaning sure wasn’t happening with my old one.

I’ll be telling you more about Cascade Platinum in the coming weeks along with a fun “My Platinum” Instagram contest you can enter to win some great prizes! Plus I’ll be sharing more about Cascade’s partnership with one of my favorite Top Chef Judges, Gail Simmons!

Here’s hoping this new machine appreciates the premium soap and hangs in there with us. I’m starting to get a complex that my appliances just don’t like me!

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