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New Dole Fruit Parfaits

I travel a lot for work, it’s my chance to escape from my everyday life to do something fun and different. Just this year I’ve been to Denver, San Francisco, LA, and more. When I do travel, I stuff my suitcase with foods that I can eat. Being a vegetarian isn’t easy when you often stay at hotels that only offer a snack machine for late arrivals which are generally filled with chocolates, chips, and beef sticks – not a great choice.

Plus bringing my own food saves me money on breakfast and late night snacks and gives me more money to explore, pick up souvenirs  and memories. But finding snacks that can survive a flight, don’t require refrigeration or heating, and most importantly are nutritious and delicious is always a challenge. I’ve had some hits and misses over the years, but peanut butter and crackers are my must haves, so finding something to pair with them is important to me.

DOLE Apples and Creme Parfait

Escape with DOLE Fruit Parfaits

That’s why I was thrilled to get a chance to try out the new DOLE Fruit Parfaits. They’re individually sized cups of fruit and crème that are made with all natural fruit so they’re rich in Vitamin C. Plus they’re low in fat, cholesterol free, and low in sodium – all wins in my book! At just $2.79 for a package of 4, they’re an inexpensive sweet treat that I can enjoy at home or on the road.

DOLE Fruit Parfaits - stock the cupboardsThese new DOLE Fruit Parfaits can be found in the canned fruit aisle of your grocery store and they come in three different varieties – choose from pineapple and crème, apples and crème, or peaches and crème. My personal favorite? It’s a tossup between the apples and pineapple. The apples and crème are perfectly spiced with cinnamon for a rich taste that pairs beautifully with the crème. The pineapple is more of a true fruit/crème taste without additional flavorings. The peach is good, I’m just not a huge peach fan. If you love canned peaches, you’ll love this one.

Kids will love these new fruit parfaits but adults will enjoy them as well. They’re not overly sweet and the crème is light and tasty. I’m happy to have them in my cupboard for an occasional dessert or morning treat at home or on the road. They’ll definitely be in my suitcase next week when I head to Newport Beach, California, for a few days!

DOLE Pineapple and Creme Parfait

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