Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Suggestions - Mothers Day Gifts that Matter - from the Heart

I know I’m not “normal.”  I don’t need or want Mother’s Day recognition – I like my kids and hubby to be good to me everyday, not just one or two days a year that are specified by the people at Hallmark. Now that’s not to say I don’t like Hallmark, I do. I love how they can squeeze a tear from me with their commercials, it’s the commercialization of the holidays that bothers me.

Still, I wanted to share my ideas of the perfect Mother’s Day gifts in case my children or hubby feel the need to do something. I don’t want diamonds (I know the human cost involved and I’m not ok with that) and I don’t really want jewelry at all (again, villages could be fed with the amount of money hanging around the necks of American’s), but there are a few things I wouldn’t mind.

Spoil me Mother’s Day 2013 Gifts

Blind Cleaning: I would jump for joy if someone came and cleaned my blinds. They’re disgustingly dirty – I think we live in the dustiest house on the planet. Heck for that mater, if someone would dust my curio cabinet I’d be over the moon.

Window Cleaning: I live in a tri-level. I’m never, ever going to climb up on the 3rd floor and clean the outside of those windows. Hubby does it and I’m scared to death he’s going to fall off the roof. A window cleaner would be a dream.

A World of Good Mother’s Day 2013 Gifts

While I’d love to have my personal space spruced up, what I’d really love is for some good to be done in the world on my behalf. Here are some of my favorite charities – I think most moms would appreciate a donation in their honor!

Kiva – A donation to would be so appreciated. My husband and I have done 35 loans through them and only lost $41.96 out of $900 (you keep loaning out the repaid amount so the actual investment is actually smaller). I would love a gift of money to loan.

Charity Water – The thought of someone getting clean water would be a fabulous way to celebrate the day.

UNICEF – To help women and children, I would love a donation in my honor to UNICEF. Thousands of children die every day from preventable diseases.

A small amount of money can do so much. How will you be celebrating and what are you wishing for?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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