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DreamHost Giveaway - win one year of free web hosting servicesI love my web hosting company, but I know that not everyone does. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about starting your own blog, or finally moving from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site. DreamHost is offering one of our readers a free year of hosting to get them started on their journey! To make it even sweeter, Dreamhost will help you move any current site to their hosting – gotta love that!

Now since I’ve never used DreamHost, I can’t vouch for their service, but what I can tell you is that with every host you’re going to find people who love them and will never leave, along with a crop that hate them and would never go back. To be successful, be sure you chat about your current needs, future growth needs, and make sure you’re buying adequate server space no matter what host you go with.

That seems to be the crux of issues with most web hosts – sites being taken down for exceeding limits. That’s a problem with every web host and may actually be caused by your website. Poor design or bots can cause your site to put the shared server in jeopardy. Don’t always assume the hosting company is the problem. If your site is taken down, work with them to find out why and then find an expert in your blogging platform to get your site tuned up.

DreamHost web hosting starts at $8.95 and goes up. Check out their site for all of their plans and details.

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Win a Year of DreamHost Web Hosting

One lucky winner will win a $119 gift card for the hosting services of his/her choice (that covers basic hosting or gives you a leg-up should your hosting needs be greater).

Only available for new domains being moved, not for domains currently being hosted by DreamHost.