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BlackBerry Z10 Aesthetics – good looking, lightweight, and thin

I’ve never used a BlackBerry before so when I received the new I wasn’t sure really what to do with it. Thankfully there is plenty of help online for novices like me. In fact, with just a little help from the pages below, I was able to get the device set up and working within minutes:

  • Getting Started
  • Device Switch
  • BlackBerry Link

What I love About the

Navigation on this new smartphone is easy. Lots of swiping motions and gestures and I like how easy it is to close open applications which saves on battery life.

My favorite feature is the BlackBerry Browser. It’s noticeably faster than any other mobile browser I’ve used. But I also like the BlackBerry Hub which keeps all of my messages, chats, and alerts in one place and I never have to close it – it can work in the background while I’m using other apps.

BlackBerry Link – Synching the BlackBerry Z10

Synching my laptop with the BlackBerry took a little bit of work. First because I made a typing error in my Black Berry ID and then because my computer kept refusing to acknowledge the Z10 was connected. Through perseverance, I finally got them to talk to each other. I persisted because I want to share my calendar, documents, and photos between the two devices and the BlackBerry Link is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish that.

BlackBerry Link Syncs Your Devices

Creating with the BlackBerry Z10

The StoryMaker app is such a great feature! Select a few photos, add music from the provided files, select a theme, publish, and you have a small video show that can be shared with family and friends or published on the web. The speed with which it’s created is phenomenal and for a smartphone app it’s packed with rich features. I used the BBLink to move the photos to the smartphone and within 1 minute I had the following slideshow complete with titles and music. Within 3 minutes it was uploaded to YouTube.

Monsters University Class Day at Pixar Studios

Final Thoughts on the BlackBerry Z10

This is a business powerhouse. It’s definitely made for the person who needs to be able to work on the road and have access everything back at the office.  The communication features are spectacular – share your screen and video chat  and more. However, what’s missing for me is the entertainment and social media aspects. I can’t access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Instagram, or Hootesuite – all apps I use on a daily basis so it’s a deal breaker for me. It’s not the phone’s shortcomings, it’s the app developers that have not made it available to other platforms. I’m sure if I took the time I could find alternate apps to take their place.

I also have trouble reading the screen, even with my glasses on, which is something I’ve not experienced before. I find that if I hold it at arm’s length I can read it, but that’s not comfortable.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else this Z10 can do for me.