pur-Absorb Iron Supplement - Easy to take liquid iron

pur-Absorb Iron Supplement – Easy to take liquid iron (the glass holds the packet contents)

I have been iron deficient since my 20’s. That’s 30 years. In that time I’ve tried taking supplements but I couldn’t stand the side effects so it never lasted very long.

In the last few years I’ve found out I’m Vitamin A deficient as well and it turns out the two can be related. After a round of prescription Vitamin A, my levels are low-normal, but I’m trying keep them there by dietary changes. Thankfully, that’s also helped my iron levels. But I’m still deficient so I’ve been toying with trying supplements again.

In the past I’ve tried pills and liquid. The liquid had to be refrigerated, was rust colored, and tasted like I was sucking on a rusty old can. Disgusting. Thankfully I’ve just been introduced to a new liquid iron supplement that’s palatable!

Called pur-Absorb Iron, this is a natural iron water that’s been filtered for bacteria and then packaged in individual servings. The single-serve packs are easy to take on the road and easy to take. The manufacturer suggests mixing it with a bit of juice, but what works for me is to drink the iron water right from the package with my nose plugged and I keep it plugged until I take a drink or two of orange juice. Then I let me nose go and I never taste the iron.

I did try drinking it in the juice as well as alone and with both I got a nasty aftertaste of iron. My method is what works for me, but you may find you prefer it the way the manufacturer suggests.

pur-Absorb Liquid Iron Supplement mixed with a bit of juice

pur-Absorb Liquid Iron Supplement mixed with a bit of juice  (or with a juice chaser) makes getting my daily iron easy.

pur-Absorb Iron offers a lower dose of iron which is said to be easily absorbed, so you shouldn’t get the constipation issues other iron supplements can cause. I did the first day or two I used it, but I resolved itself very quickly.

Learn more about pur-Absorb Iron at their website and then visit the National Institutes of Health’s website for more information on iron and find out who needs it and why. There’s some great information there. In fact I learned that there are two types of iron (one animal and the other plant) and since I’m a vegetarian, I actually need to take double the recommended amount because the plant version isn’t absorbed as easily. Good information to know!

But I was anemic even as a meat eater so don’t think you’re off the hook just because you eat red meat (which is actually low in iron – the top? Chicken livers). Get your levels tested and talk to your doctor. Iron deficiency shows up in problems with concentration, slow cognitive and social development during childhood, decreased immune function, and weakness and tiredness.

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