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This is the third post in a series of three about car tires. I know for many of us we rarely give tires a second thought. I know I didn’t until I learned more about them and the integral part they play in my family’s safety.

The Importance of Car Tires – Final Thoughts

Now that I understand the importance of tires, my next purchase will be dependent more on safety and type ride and less on price. In the past I’ve let my checkbook decide what I have on my car. Now I’m more willing to pay a little more for a tire that will perform well with my car. Having done the drive test I can attest to the huge difference in handling and stopping performance made by the choosing the right tire.  It’s that important.

Bridgestone Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn

Buying Car Tires:

Now that I know so much more about tires, it’ll make the purchase process even easier. Now I know that what I’m driving on matters and I’ll be sure to shop and get the best tire for my car. But there’s always that worry that I’ll buy something I’m not ultimately happy with and since tires are an investment, I need to e sure.

Thankfully Bridgestone has a 30-day Buy & Try Guarantee. There are some exceptions, but generally if you are not satisfied with the tires you’ve chosen, return them to the purchase location for a full refund or exchange.  It speaks volumes to me that they’ll guarantee their tires and it makes me feel more confident in purchasing them.

Participating in the Bridgestone’s Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn event was a fantastic learning experience. I’ll be sharing more about the event soon including my turn at the wheel of an exotic car where I pushed it to 106 mph on Bridgestone tires. That was a thrilling experience and I learned how much control tires actually provide.

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