Kinderfeets are designed for toddlers ages 2+ and up to 70 lbs

Kinderfeets are designed for toddlers ages 2+ and up to 70 lbs

I am all about getting kids active and so when I was approached by Kinderfeets to host a giveaway for them, I happily agreed to! That’s because I love their product.

Bikes for Toddlers

Kinderfeets™ are handmade, wooden push bikes that are eco-friendly! Not only are they certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), but for every bike sold a tree is planted! Plus even the tires or biodegradable and the bike is sold with minimal packaging.

But beyond its eco-friendly features, it’s specially designed to get toddlers active. The small training bicycle doesn’t have pedals. That’s because it’s built low to the ground so kids can touch the pavement to propel themselves. Once they’re ready, they can rest their feet on the pegs.

This cycling style helps develop a child’s core muscles which assists with balance. Figuring out how to balance is an important skill to master before heading to a traditional bike. Additionally, the design is meant to inspire families to get out and lead an active lifestyle right from the start.

Kinderfeets in Action Video

Personalized Kinderfeets Push Bike in Green

Personalized Kinderfeets Push Bike in Green

In fact, Kinderfeets™ are designed for children ages 2+ and under 70 pounds which means most kids will be able to use this bike until they’re 5 or 6 years old; about the time they start wanting a traditional pedal bike. Transitioning should be a breeze and training wheels likely won’t be needed after using the push bike.

Kinderfeets™ bikes for toddlers are available in natural wood or in one of six chalkboard painted styles where kids can style and restyle their bike as often as they like. The seat cover is removable and washable and some minor assembly is required (just 4 pieces).

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Win a Yellow Kinderfeets Push Bike

One lucky winner will receive a yellow Kindefeets push bike!

Win this Kinderfeets Balance Bike for toddlers at MiscFinds4u

Win this Kinderfeets Balance Bike for toddlers at MiscFinds4u

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Photo Credit: Kinderfeets (used with permission)