Bridgestone’s Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn event -  car tires

Bridgestone’s Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn event

I attended Bridgestone’s Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn event last month and I have to tell you, I no longer look at tires in the same, somewhat simplistic, way. I now realize that there is a lot more to them. In fact, I now know that what you drive ON is as important as what you drive IN. (Read my into to the event:  Bridgestone Tires Your Time to Perform Drive & Learn Event)

The Importance of Car Tires – Fuel Economy

Tires play an integral part in how your car handles, I think we all realize that, along with how your car accelerates, brakes, corners, and handles the road; but did you know that your fuel economy is linked to them as well? In fact, not just the type of tire, but the amount of air you’ve got in them.

Did you know that you should check your tire pressure monthly? Or that if you have a car with a low pressure light indicator that by the time it goes off your tires are significantly low?

But how do you know how much pressure your tires should have to be properly inflated? Most cars have a metal placard inside the driver’s door with the MAXIMUM PSI for the front, rear, and spare tires. I note maximum because the tires should be checked when cool and they should not be filled over the amount listed. Don’t find the placard? Check your owner’s manual for the information.

Checking your tire pressure monthly can save you money, but I understand not everyone wants the responsibility. If you’re not comfortable checking  your tire pressure, you can have it checked for free or for a nominal charge at many full-service gas stations, tire stores, or Firestone Complete Auto Care stores.

Bridgestone Event - Ecopia EP422 Tire Challenge

Bridgestone Event – Ecopia EP422 Tire Challenge

The Importance of  Car Tires – Safety

While fuel economy is great, there’s an even more important reason for having well-engineered tires and that’s because the safety features on your car like antilock brakes, traction control, and all-wheel drive is dependent on the engineering of your tires as well. As cars become more sophisticated with additional systems to work to keep us safe on the road, tires need to change to support them.

As I discovered while driving a 2013 minivan just before the trip, automobiles have come a long way over the last 15 years in terms of safety, and thankfully tire manufacturers like Bridgestone have kept up by researching and engineering their tires to meet the changing needs. Tires are now engineered to provide specific driving and handling capabilities – no longer is it one type of tire fits all. Now you can choose a tire for your typical driving terrain and ride choices.

Bridgestone Tires Series

I learned so much about tires and I got a chance to drive on many of them. This is the first in a series of posts about what I learned. I hope you find it as informative as I did!

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Special thanks to 5minutesformom for allowing me to represent them at this event.