Celebrate spring and Mother’s Day with this fun and easy painted flower pot! Super simple to create with just a few items available from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. You don’t need to be crafty; handmade means made with love!

This pot is painted with chalkboard paint, so it’s perfect for a special message, child’s drawing, or as a herb pot – mark the herbs so you’ll know what’s ready to harvest.  These are small pots, but you could certainly do this with much larger ones as well! How about on the front porch with your house number, “Welcome”, or more – create a welcoming feeling for guests.

Don’t stop with mom. Make one for grandma, a special aunt, or the neighbor.

Create a Chalkboard Herb Pot

No experience necessary

Crafting Time: 3 to 5 hours

Supplies and Tools:

  1. Wipe pot and saucer clean to remove all dust.
  2. Spray the pot and saucer with chalkboard spray paint – there’s no need to paint the interior if you’re using the pot for a plant.
  3. Allow the paint to fully dry – approximately 3 to 4 hours.
  4. Cut and attach the ribbon to the rim of the pot using hot glue.
  5. Fill the pot with a good potting soil mix and plant your favorite herbs or flowers into the pot.
  6. Write the name of the herb or flower on the outside of the pot using paint pen for a permanent finish or chalk pen or chalk for a changeable finish.

Chalkboard Paint Tips

  • Think beyond the traditional black Chalkboard paint because they come in so many other fun colors too! Just be sure you don’t confuse it with chalk paint. That’s a type of finish that can’t be written on well with chalk.
  • Let the pot dry completely (even overnight)  before trying to write on it. Get in too much of a  hurry, and the chalk won’t be removable which could mean having to repaint.
  • Some chalkboard paints require you to condition the surface with chalk before using it. Read label instructions and don’t skip this step if the paint requires it.
  • Check out some of the new chalk pens. They come in a huge variety of colors and give you better control when writing, but they’re still easy to erase.

What mom or grandmother wouldn’t love a pot made with love? I know I would! Plant something fun or useful in the pot or fill it with gardening gloves and seeds and wrap it in  a beautiful piece of fabric with ribbon for a perfect gift!

What will you create?

You can find more ideas, project guides and supplies at www.joann.com.

Photo Credit: Joann.com (used with permission)