Click to visit the Map of texting bans - Cellphone and texting laws March 2013 - State-by-state rules

Click to visit the Map of texting bans – Cellphone and texting laws March 2013 – State-by-state rules

I participated in a driving event in Las Vegas this last week and the subject of texting and driving came up one night at dinner. The conversation shocked me.

First, I think it’s fairly evident from my blog that I’m a safety fanatic. That comes with living with someone for 32 years that sees the outcome of not putting safety first every single day on the job; so maybe I’m more in tune to the issues than others. Still, after the dinner I was left shaking my head in wonder.

You see at dinner I found out there are still states that allow texting and driving. I was beyond shocked. Not only is it legal in some states, there are others that allow adults to text and drive, but not teens. Even worse, every single person at the table admitted that they text and drive and that if a law was passed to ban it in all 50-states, they would just become more crafty at doing it undetected, which they believe would lead to more accidents than just allowing it.

I was dumbfounded. To think that these adults would put the safety of others aside so that they could text is nonsense. But it turns out the table of media professionals I shared a meal with is not alone in their refusal to see that texting and driving is dangerous.

AT&T recently conducted a survey on texting and driving and found the following:

  • Over 49% of commuters admitted to texting while driving. That’s higher than the teen rate of 43%.
  • Texting is increasing. Six out of 10 commuters said they began texting while driving within the last three years.
  • The vast majority of commuters, 98%, know the risks and yet they continue to text and drive.
  • Over 40% admit texting while driving is habitual.

Texting and Driving Printable Poster

Texting and Driving  Kills

I’m stunned, saddened, and mad. If texting and driving only affected the person doing it, I’d say go for it. It’s your funeral. But that’s not the case. Your distracted driving can kill me or those I love.

I support AT&T’s “Texting & Driving … It Can Wait” program. During the month of April, AT&T is calling on employers to help end texting while driving and move their employees beyond awareness to actually making a personal commitment not to text and drive.

Please. Make your own personal commitment to put the health and wellness of others above texting. Go to to take the pledge to never text and drive, and if you’re an AT&T customer, download their AT&T DriveMode®no-texting-while-driving app* which prevents you from sending or receiving texts while driving while still allowing you to make an emergency call if necessary.

Not an AT&T customer? Check with your provider to see if they offer a similar app. If not, request one!

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