Technology - Texting in the tub is no problem with the Otterbox ARMOR Series Waterproof iPhone Case

When my husband and I got iPhones a few months ago the first thing I did was research cases for them. I’m klutzy and the hubby is a fulltime firefighter, a finish carpenter on his days off, and for fun he’s a wildland fire fighter. After reading about iPhones and their propensity for cracked screens, I knew I needed to protect our investment.

I bought myself the Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 & 4S – in Peony Pink/Deep Plum and him the same in gray. They’ve worked well for us, but since the hubby hasn’t been on a wildfire yet this season, it really hasn’t had too much of a test. Now I found out there’s an even better case made for people like my husband who need ultimate protection.

 OtterBox® Armor Series – Serious iPhone Protection

The OtterBox® Armor Series takes cellphone protection to a whole new level. Beyond protecting against simple drops, this case also protects against crushing forces, dust, and more importantly, it stays dry for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 6.6’.

The design is pretty amazing and yet so simple. Even easier to put on than the Defender Series, this one is just two pieces with watertight latches, a patented O-ring technology, port covers, and mesh coverings so you’re covered should you drop it in the tub, lake, pond, or even the dreaded toilet!

Dropped in the tub or toilet - no problem! It's a Waterproof iPhone Case!

The case is bulky, but the controls are responsive and it's so easy to put on/take off.

The case is bulky, but the controls are responsive and it’s so easy to put on/take off.

The OtterBox® Armor Series case can be dropped from a height of 10 feet onto concrete and survive and it can withstand 2 tons of pressure. While I believe it to be so, I wasn’t willing to risk our iPhone to find out. Well, that’s with the exception of checking out the waterproof properties. It’s perfect for texting in the tub – the screen cover doesn’t hamper the texting experience and even dropped directly into the tub, it came out dry inside.

The sound quality was not hampered in any way and using the cases didn’t stop us from performing any of the phone’s functions. It does make the phone even larger than the Defender Series which makes it pretty bulky in the pocket. My husband has gone back to the Otterbox Defender case but will be switching to the Armor case when he goes out on a tour of wildland firefighter or when he goes hunting or fishing. The extra protection during these times is worth the large carrying size.

Buy the OtterBox® Armor Series case for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4s at AT&T Stores or online. The case retails for $99. The iPhone 5 case is available in three colors – gray, white, and black. All of the Armor series cases have a green interior.

Win a Otterbox ARMOR Series iPhone Case from AT&T and $99 Retail Value

Win an OtterBox® Armor Series case for the iPhone 4/4s

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